Wednesday, October 12, 2011

iPhone 4S

Case-Mate iPhone is suitable for 4S

4S The iPhone was announced last week - but that does not mean that third party accessory manufacturers have received the memo. No sir, it seems that they were already informed of the latest version of the smartphone well in advance and given privileged information about the dimensions, otherwise, who would they be able to churn out a perfect case to protect millimeter his soon-to -be shiny new smartphone? Case-Mate, one of the most famous names in all that unfolds innovative accessories for mobile devices, has its collection of iPhone cases for the purchase and 4S.

Customers can choose from seven co-favorites Case to provide the right kind of protection for their new devices, which form part of striking colors and textures on with the design. In addition to protection, these new cases are attended to another aspect of iPhone 4S keep everything - be cool and happening, thus delivering the functionality of fashion at the same time.

Let's examine the individual cases Case-mate iPhone 4S in detail below, from Gelli $ 19.99 up to its namesake (only when one considers it, of course). This case boasts a houndstooth pattern on strike and translucent colors that emphasize the latest technology that is touted as "a visually stunning event will impress" as they choose between pink, and gray.

As for the $ 14.99 Vroom, which was created specifically to cater to people with a lifestyle on the go in mind, boasting tire-tread pattern that obviously comes in black only. The Pop $ 29.99! is based on an innovative co-molding technique which is attached a plastic housing with a soft rubber coating. Come adorned with a modern pop combination, two-tone color to make a fashion statement that is not easily forgotten.

As for the drives that sells for $ 34.99, this is the epitome of minimum security. It comes in a form suitable silicone shell is able to withstand shock, while a hard shell protects against undesirable impacts. Choose a dark color combinations black / black or happening more pink / black. Also for $ 40 bright minimalist brushed aluminum, black and silver where to stay sober and help seeking in the background.

Anyone willing to give these cases, a go or would you rather wait for other manufacturers to produce their versions?

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トリー バーチ(tory burch) said...

私は「iPhone ケース ブランド」専門通販ショップの石田と申します。お客様のご希望に応じて、全力を尽くし、品質を高めるため、全身全霊取り組んできています。ですので、ここでは、お好きなブランド ケースはきっと見つかりますよ。色、素材、デザイン、いろいろな検索のしかたで探したいモノを探すことができるんです。iphone ケース 人気はぜひ、当ショップまで、お探しくださいね。iphone ケース ブランドはいつまでも、お客様の笑顔をお待ちしております。

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