Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nokia Booklet 3G netbook

Nokia Booklet 3G netbook to connect to the world

Having more than 25 years to make the mobile experience, Nokia is committed to develop high-tech muscle to produce netbook. Evolving net books are also in the spotlight. But things look much better with the new 3G netbook Booklet delighted by Nokia. This pretty functional provides an operating time of up to 12 hours battery that came with includes WiFi connection, GPS and 3G HSPA.

Weighing only 1, 25 kg, this laptop features a nice looking mini aluminum chassis and is 2 cm thick. The netbook Nokia 3G Booklet includes 3 USB 2, 0 connectors, one face to face with the webcam, SD card slot, including Bluetooth connectivity. The netbook operates on the basis of yet unnamed, Intel Atom processor features HD video playback, HDMI output, and 10, 1-inch glass screen high-definition video.

Windows 7 is based on Marvel also comes with a SIM slot, which is hot swappable. The Nokia Booklet 3G seems to be a fully functional laptop with Nokia's Ovi services is integrated that you used to Ovi Maps and apply music downloads, GPS and A-GPS and VPN. The 3G Nokia Booklet Booklet allows video calls with the webcam and is easily accessible SD card reader.

While the main functions available are known, the full list of technical specifications, and availability is expected to be announced next week. Hopefully, would be affordable for fans of laptops. The 3G Nokia Booklet booklet provides true mobility to be in constant contact with the world.

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