Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pantech Hotshot Phone

Pantech phone HotShot not so hot after all

I think there is a clear mistake in the appointment of the HotShot Pantech only that, but I'm not quite sure that only the parties to blame. After all, Verizon Wireless is a company, and have enough clout to call what they are offering to the masses, as they like? However, we are in the business of bringing the news, and for people whose contracts are expiring and want to get a decent entry-level smartphone, I think the big fish Pantech pretty well fit the bill after all .

Available online from October 6 (ie this Thursday if their application is inconsistent Calendar), the big fish will do what a basic smartphone or assumed - and do well. With a 3. 2 "LCD touch screen, navigating the home lot of screens, applications, emails, browser, text messaging would be a breeze and not be demanding in their eyes, even those used for much more robust (in terms of specifications) phones from the likes of Samsung and HTC might feel quite restricted by only three home screens to customize.

In terms of hardware specifications that are crammed into one 0.35 "slim form factor, including an action game 3.2 megapixel in the back that makes recording video as well - and since there is no mention of a front-facing camera (and we do not see one on the right), this is not the phone to get if you want to experience the moving video chats. Not only that, Verizon has launched VZ Navigator that helps you move through the places, even talking turn-by-step instructions in an unknown territory to concentrate on the road. As for tone V CAST, which allows you to download ring tones and ring tones.

A slot for microSD memory cards is that for purposes of expansion, and each purchase comes with a microSD memory card pre-installed 2GB with corresponding applications. We have to wait to the holder of $ 99.99 for the big fish Pantech, and this price applies only after a $ 50 mail-in rebate with a new contract for two years.

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