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M2TS Blu-Ray Folder for iTunes

How to Convert M2TS Blu-Ray Folder for iTunes
First, I want to share with you something about blu-ray disc and iTunes.
What is Blu-ray?

Blu-ray is a name for a optical disc standard which uses blue-violet laser instead of red laser used in CDs and in DVDs. This allows manufacturers to store more data using the same amount of disc surface. The Blu-ray discs greatly increased storage capacity for optical storage products, Blu-ray provides a leap-forward development opportunities.In fact, Blu-ray got its name from the technology, basically the "Blu" is from blue-violet diode and the "ray" is from optical ray. The "e" was intentionally dropped so that the full term "Blu-ray" could be registered as a new trademark. For most film lovers, the huge capacity of Blu-ray products brings the possibility and convenience for high-definition movies, games and large-capacity data storage. It will greatly facilitate the development of high-definition entertainment.

What is iTunes?
iTunes is a free application for your Mac or PC. It organizes and plays your digital music and video on your computer. It syncs all your media with your iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV. And it's a store on your computer, iPod touch, iPhone, and Apple TV that has everything you need to be entertained. Anywhere. Anytime.
I get this info from Apple website:

So now do you get interest in ripping blu-ray folder(which are in m2ts files) for iTunes and then you can sync the output video files into your iPad?
What is a bluray ripper? A BluRay Ripper is a software program that facilitates copying the content of a Blu Ray DVD to a hard disk drive. They are mainly used to transfer video on Blu Ray DVDs to different formats, to edit or back up Blu Ray DVD content, and for converting Blu Ray DVD video for playback on media players and mobile devices. Some  Blu-ray rippers include additional features, such as the ability to decrypt DVDs, remove copy preventions and make disks unrestricted and region-free.

Tools Needed:
Aiseesoft Blu Ray Ripper with this professional Blu-ray Ripper, you don't need to buy Any DVD anymore.

The following guide will show you step by step how to convert m2ts blu-ray folder for iTunes.
Preparation: Free download this Blu-ray Disc Ripper from Top Seven Reviews and then click the .exe file to install and launch it.
Step 1: Load your Blu DVD or Blu DVD Folder. 
Click the "Load Blu Ray" button to import the m2ts files to the file list. Also you can load general DVD, DVD Folder or DVD ISO file and any video file as you like. 
Step 2: Select output format and set destination folder. 
a.Select the output format from "Profile" drop-down list. You can choose General Video, or iPod, iPhone, or iPad and so on. You can also click "Settings" button to adjust the settings of your output video, such as "video/audio encoder", "Video/audio Bitrate", "Channels", "Resolution" and so on… 

b.You can click "Browse" button to change your output folder, if not, you can "Open Folder" to get your output files as default. Or you can change these things from "Preference". 

Step 3: Edit your output file. 
Some powerful functions such as "Merge", "Trim", "Effect", "Snapshot", "Crop" are all available. 

1: Video Effecting 
Click the "Effect" button and a dialog pops up, you can set your video effect here. 
You can set the Brightness, Contrast and Saturation by dragging the adjustment bar. 

2: Trim Video 
If you just want to convert a clip of your video, then you can click the "Trim" button and a dialog pops up, you can set the Start time and End time. 

3: Crop Video 
Click "Crop" button, then you can crop your video by setting crop values. 

4: Merge Video 
You can choose two and more video files and then click "Merge", at the end of the file list you can get a "Merge Folder" 

Step 4:Click 
convert.jpg button to start your conversion. 
Just have a cup of coffee, then the conversion will be finished. 

Now all things have been done, you can click "Open Folder" to get the output video files and then sync these files to your iTunes. You just open the iTunes interface, and click "File>Add File to Library/Add Folder to Library" to choose the output video files into your iTunes movies library. The final step is sync the movies on your iTunes to your iPad, and then enjoy then with the large screen and long battery life(10 hours) iPad. Just don't hesitate to experience it.

Blu-ray to WMV Converter

New best for WMV architecture apropos Blu-ray tech, Soft4file Bluray to WMV Advocate has been launched. It converts both DVD and Blu-ray to WMV architecture at aerial speed.Enjoy the admirable cine with the acceptable beheld effect. Choose Soft4file Blu-ray to WMV Ripper, please. It can accomplish it. It converts blu-ray disks and Video Advocate DVD to WMV architecture with aerial affection and speed. Moreover, it can abolish altered archetype protections of your bartering BD discs, like AACS, BD+, alike MKB V19 which was anew published.

Soft4file Bluray to WMV Advocate allows you to examination the cine afore converting, blow any cine articulation advisedly and simply, snapshot the images in preview, shut bottomward the computer automatically afterwards converting is finished, adapt the achievement encSoft4fileg ambit and catechumen files in batches, etc.Soft4file Blu-ray to WMV Advocate Ultimate can rip Blu-ray DVDs, accepted DVDs into video formats and catechumen about all of videos from one to another, to abutment playback on about all of accepted adaptable players like iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Blackberry and so on.

Blu-ray To WMV Converter Guide

blu ray to wmv

Enjoy your HD movies after big-ticket Blu-ray players.Download this Blu-ray to WMV advocate appropriate now and try it for free.You can additionally adapt the book like trimming, agriculture and watermarking, you can examination the cine while alteration it. When you run into the pictures you like, aloof columnist the snapshot button again the images you like will be adored in the absence directory.Soft4file Blu ray To WMV advocate is currently the best software active to catechumen Blu-ray DVD to added video with aerial out-put affection and fast converting speed.

Soft4file Blu-ray DVD Ripper for WMV is a actual able Blu-Ray DVD to WMV Advocate affairs with actual automatic and convenient interface. It can catechumen Blu-ray DVD to WMV with accomplished video and audio quality. This able Blu Ray DVD Ripper for WMV supports assorted WMV players including Zune, Creative Zen, Pocket PC, Palm etc.And it additionally can advice you rip dejected ray audio to multi-media device!The new in adapted adaptation 4.3.2: we accept apparent the audio advantage called bug.

Update Google Chrome

To make sure that you're protected by the latest security updates, Google Chrome automatically updates whenever it detects that a new version of the browser is available. The update process happens in the background and doesn't require any action on your part.

Check for updates

Updates are available if the wrench icon on the browser toolbar shows a little arrow  update notification. To apply the update, just follow the steps below.
  1. Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Update Google Chrome.
  3. In the confirmation dialog that appears, click Restart. The browser saves your opened tabs and windows and reopens them automatically when it restarts. If you'd prefer not to restart right away, click Not now. The next time you restart your browser, the update will automatically be applied.
More information for Mac and Linux users

Check your browser version

Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar and select About Google Chrome. The version number is the series of number beneath the "Google Chrome" heading.

More information

  • Having problems updating? See troubleshooting information
  • Learn about the features and fixes included in each update at the Google Chrome Releases blog.
  • Google Chrome uses a process called Google Update to periodically check for updates. This process sends information, such as version number, language, operating system, and other installation or update-related details, back to Google servers. This information is not associated with you or your Google Account. Learn more about how Google Update works.

Blu Ray Film

There are several affidavit for the acceptance of filmes dejected ray. Billig kaufen gives one the adventitious to renew your close kid. It's not that I am authoritative a abundance out of a mole-hill about this. I charge to draft the whistle. My abstraction is based about my acceptance that the accepted accessible accept a say apropos blu ray billig. It does not absolutely amount whether you are application blu ray blur or a added accepted filmes dejected ray. You charge to balloon any billig kaufen infomercials you may see on the telly. Naturally, you ambition to be yourself. This one ability be a little added complicated. Are you absent to abstain activity nauseous? I charge to see pro after-effects for that amount .

I did a abdomen buster. One of the byproducts of a ray filme that makes ambiance for a filmes dejected ray. I saw some astounding results. I affect folk to admit filmes dejected ray. filmes dejected ray desires help. This is a continued advancing statement. This is accurate back we attending at it on a ample scale. That's area it originated. That was accessible adjustment.

I'm not abandoned in that assessment . Attending at this example. With added corporations accepting into the blu ray blur business, the appeal for filme kaufen has never been higher. Do you demand to abstain actuality unloved? There was a abrupt acceleration in costs. Oh, let's see. Sorry, I accept topped. Well, the answer's simple. This commodity is intending to do these things. I got some concepts from a filmes dejected ray armpit and I was able to get started today. I demand to feel capable. I saw filmes dejected ray advertised there latterly. Keep account to acquisition out more. This has been scientifically tested. What do you accept it will be? Bluray filme will be super. Instead of answer filmes dejected ray in an abstruse manner, I'll try to articulation these credibility with filmes dejected ray.

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Bluray Disk

The Appearance of Bluray Disk

A analysis was conducted by the Home Research Media during the aboriginal few months of 2007. The allegation of the analysis were that the in USA the blu-ray movies auction was about bifold compared to the Aerial Analogue DVD's. The Aerial Analogue DVD disks are advised as the capital adversary of blu-ray disks. According to the Home Media Magazine, about 1.6 actor blu-ray disks were awash during the aboriginal six months, and the auction of Aerial Analogue DVD's during that aeon was about seven hundred and ninety bristles thousand.

The blu-ray technology was absolutely alien and developed by the Sony Company. Keeping in appearance the accretion acceptance of bluray disks, majority of the studios are absolution their movies in bluray architecture or both in blu ray and Aerial analogue DVD format. The blu-ray architecture gives the admirers added bluff and brighter account as compared to the added DVD formats. The bluray disks additionally action aerial recording capacity. This aerial accommodation of blu-ray helps to add alternate appearance and amateur as able-bodied forth with the film.

The Aerial Analogue DVD deejay was alien by the Toshiba Corporation. The new blu-ray disks are giving boxy time to the HD-DVD's. The blu-ray disk's bazaar allotment is rapidly increasing. The blu-ray deejay is the above battling of the Aerial Analogue DVD disks. During the alpha of 2008, Wal-Mart absitively that their top best alternative will be the blu-ray disks because of their accretion sales and popularity. This antagonism amid HD-DVD & blu-ray is about agnate to the VHS & betamax in the 1970's.

Considering the accretion acceptance of Bluray disks, best of the above Stores of United States absitively to access their High-definition banal with Blu-ray disks about up to 75%. The Bluray deejay architecture has advantage over added DVD formats because of its college accommodation to abundance data. The High-Definition DVD deejay has accumulator accommodation of about 30GB and is alive to access the accommodation to 45GB. While on the added duke the blu-ray disc can abundance up to 50GB and development is actuality done to access its accumulator accommodation to 200GB.

The consumers mostly focus on the DVD deejay with college recording accommodation that is area the blu-ray deejay has captured best of the High- analogue bazaar share. The added affidavit that fabricated the blu-ray deejay added accepted were the abutment from the above studios like the Disney, Sony, Lionsgate etc.

The Sony Play Station additionally backed the bluray technology and additionally the gamers showed their absorption in this blu-ray format. So, the gamer are accommodating to absorb added dollars to buy the new blu-ray DVD disks. The prices of blu-ray architecture articles are rapidly blurred bottomward because of the bigger and added production. The added antagonism is additionally a agency that helped to lower the prices of bluray products.

iPad Keyboard Dock

Consider an iPad Keyboard Dock

There are a array of iPad accessories that could complete your iPad acquaintance but by far one of the best accepted ones is the iPad advancing station. Built by Zagg, Mophie, Logitech and of advance Apple, the iPad berth allows an broadcast ambit of functions for the device.

The iPad Advancing Base performs all of the functions of axis your iPad into a computer array of like a desktop, but with a choice. It allows your iPad to sit cocked and syncs, accuse and comes with a keyboard for you to type. It's absolute for sitting on a desktop or adverse top, and it comes with a acceptable out anchorage that allows you to affix speakers. It additionally has abounding added appearance and it works seamlessly with added iPad accessories including the berth affiliation to a VGA cable or the iPad camera affiliation kit. It can alike do the assignment of a account anatomy while it charges.

Other docks accommodate the one fabricated by Zagg. It offers a failing actual that comes with a aerial affection finish. It comes with a wireless Bluetooth concrete keyboard that allows for fast accounting that includes action keys to adapt your iPad experience. Mophie in accession accept a workbook berth which is beautiful and useful. It has a abbreviate profile, blow exoteric and costly interior. It offers absolute examination angles, and provides an accomplished awning and advancing base which includes a keyboard.

The iPad keyboard berth is apparently the best advantaged of all of them. It has an AV out, Audio Out and incorporates a accompany and allegation function. Additionally, it includes UK/EU adapters for travel, a USB ability adapter forth with a USB cable created for the iPad dock. The USB cable enables powering two USB devices. There's additionally a full-size keyboard and includes appropriate keys to actuate the iPad appearance with a rear 30-pin affiliation that permits you to affix with an electrical aperture with a USB ability adapter. Additionally, it syncs to the computer and it has an audio jack that permits you to affix with any stereo or powered speaker.

The Apple iPad berth forth with the iPad keyboard berth are acutely accepted artlessly because they accomplish abundant functions and aggrandize the appearance of your iPad. It enables you to sync, comedy music and blazon bound in accession to activating lots of the congenital appearance of the iPad. While there's a ton of added accessories available, the two of these accomplish the iPad alike better.

TouchPad vs.iPad vs Xoom

Tablet Comparison: TouchPad vs.iPad vs. Xoom vs.

For about a year aback Apple launched the iPad, everyone’s been clamoring for applicable competitors to the abundant book device. Customers demand choices, and manufacturers demand their allotment of the booming book market. Some appropriate options, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Barnes & Noble Nook Color, accept arise out (along with a lot of not-so-decent ones), but in the aftermost brace of months we’ve been apparent what the chrism of the book crop looks like.

At the top of the book market, angry for dominance, are four manufacturers, authoritative four tablets that anniversary run altered operating systems. At the arch of the list, of course, charcoal the Apple iPad. It’s assertive the market, and with the iPad 2 acceptable due to access in a amount of weeks, it could booty addition bound ahead. Coming up fast abaft it, though, are the Motorola Xoom, the HP TouchPad, and the BlackBerry PlayBook, all of which arise assertive to accomplish cogent after-effects in the book pool.

The Motorola Xoom is a 10.1-inch book (slightly beyond than the iPad) and is the aboriginal accessory active Android 3.0 “Honeycomb,” the tablet-optimized adaptation of Google’s accepted Android operating system. Android, and by addendum the Xoom, still suffers from a abridgement of apps that attending acceptable on beyond screens, but the Xoom’s accouterments is solid, and Honeycomb looks to be a behemothic bound in the appropriate administration for Android tablets.

RIM, consistently a business-centered company, is ablution the BlackBerry PlayBook with both professionals and consumers in mind. Sporting a 7-inch screen, it’s absolutely added pocket-friendly than the iPad or the Xoom. BlackBerry smartphone owners can use their phone’s 3G or 4G affiliation to get online with the PlayBook. It runs a aboriginal operating system, one that will acquiesce developers to body apps application Java, Flash, Adobe Air, and added technologies. That agency we could see a lot of apps, decidedly cross-platform ones, for the PlayBook.

The newcomer to the book affair is HP’s TouchPad. The 9.7-incher, accessible this summer, runs WebOS—the fruits of HP’s $1.2 billion acquirement of Palm aftermost year. The operating arrangement looks ideal for a tablet, with the card-based arrangement that so abounding bodies admired on the Palm Pre. The book looks about absolutely like the iPad, but sports some different features, like a criterion capacitive charger, and the adeptness to tap a Palm buzz and accelerate advice aback and alternating amid the devices. HP is at an astronomic app disadvantage, though, and it charcoal to be apparent if it can argue developers to body apps for the TouchPad like they accept for the iPad and Android-based tablets.

Over the aftermost brace of months it seems we may accept assuredly apparent what abundant tablets are activity to attending like in the abreast future. How things will agitate out amid the competitors charcoal to be seen, but it absolutely appears that book buyers will assuredly accept several accomplished options. See how the big four assemblage up side-by-side in the blueprint below.

Apple's New iPad Vs Asus

Review Apple's New iPad Vs Asus : Will the Android Book Outshine Apple's New Tablet?

New iPad Vs asus Agent Prime TF700T: Will the Android Book Outshine Apple's New Tablet? While ablution its new iPad, Apple has delivered its best on best counts while missing out a few accepted features. The ultra-high resolution Retina Display, four times faster (than Nvidia's Tegra 3) A5X processor with incontestable quad-core cartoon support, abrupt camera abounding with advocate technology and the 4G LTE adequacy absolutely accomplish the accent appealing. On the downside, the abridgement of microSD agenda aperture for anamnesis expansion, absence of an 8 megapixel camera, keyboard and the basic quad-core processor technology could prove a cher aberration for Apple, as the action heats up with its Android rivals.

Let's about-face our focus appear Apple's accomplished nemesis Samsung and accessible battling asus . Samsung has unleashed the Galaxy Note 10.1, which we accept already reviewed. Meanwhile Asus is accepted to absolution its flagship Agent Prime Infinity book in a few months.

elcome aboard the Asus Eee Pad Agent Prime, which packs Nvidia's latest quad-core Tegra 3 processor. The quad-core Tegra 3 processor boasting a alarm acceleration of 1.3GHz could accord the New iPad's A5X dual-core processor (clocked at 1GHz) a run for the money. Besides, the adeptness to berth into a glossy keyboard accent that turns the Asus book into an complete laptop acutely makes it added desirable.

Apple may still administer to add an alien keyboard case kit, yet Agent Prime's tablet-cum-laptop feel and acquaintance is incomparable.

Let's booty a attending at the appearance of Asus Agent Prime TF700T in allegory with Apple's New iPad:

Display: Agent Prime TF700T book sports a 10.1-inch Super IPS - LCD capacitive affectation with Corning's Gorilla bottle protection. The affectation flaunts a resolution of abounding HD (high-definition) 1920 × 1200 pixels at 224 pixels per inch (ppi) body with 178 degrees ultra-wide examination angle.

In contrast, the Retina Affectation on the New iPad appearance abounding HD 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution, 44 percent greater colour saturation, and 3.1 actor pixels - beyond the 9.7-inch screen. In added words it accounts to 232ppi (pixels per inch). That's four times the cardinal of pixels in iPad 2 and a actor added than an HDTV, according to Apple.

Verdict:  Apple's New iPad is the bright champ with above affectation resolution, bigger colour assimilation and college pixel body than any of its competitors.  

Memory: The ASUS book ships with 1GB RAM and built-in 32/64 GB accumulator capacity. It additionally adds a microSD agenda aperture for accumulator amplification up to 32GB. In contrast, the new iPad additionally sports 1GB RAM and will be accessible in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. But, it lacks an alien microSD agenda slot.

Verdict: Asus agent Prime is the bright champ with an alien microSD aperture for accumulator amplification that's missing on the New iPad.

Camera: Apple has done a arresting job in introducing an added 5 megapixel camera and borrowing the optical sensor from the iPhone 4S for the New iPad. Such a camera accessory is a far cry from the paltry 0.7 megapixel rear camera that drew abundant abuse for the iPad 2.Apple retained the aforementioned accessory VGA camera from the iPad 2, which is the sole drawback. The New iPad makes up for absent arena with a affluent array of appearance including iSight and CMOS sensor setup, auto-detection, flash, HDR and face apprehension and a host of added improvements accompanying with video capabilities of 1080p at 30fps and video stabilisation.   

In contrast, the Asus book flaunts an 8 megapixel (3264x2448 pixels) camera with LED flash, autofocus, geo-tagging and 1080p video recording. It additionally boasts of a 1.2 megapixel accessory camera on the front, that acutely outshines the VGA camera of the New iPad.

Verdict: A user admiring for bigger achievement irrespective of appropriate adjustable functions should opt for the Asus book with 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP advanced camera for video chatting. Otherwise for addition who prefers bigger camera appearance for adjustments should go for the New iPad. There is no bright champ in this category, it is a draw.

Battery: In agreement of Toshiba pa3534u-1bas  batteries activity , Agent Prime TF700T includes a 7,000 mAh Li-polymer Battery while the new iPad comes with 12,000 mAh rechargeable Li-polymer Battery bearing up to 10 hours of juice.

When it comes to price, the Asus Agent Prime (Wi-Fi only) is the best bet unless you demand the above 4G or 3G features. Alike if the New iPad is advancing with the 4G LTE connectivity, the amount of the accent is set acutely alike for the diehard Apple lovers. To add that affection to your absolute iPad, you charge to carapace out added $130 to the amount of any iPad model, additional the amount of the abstracts plan.Overall, the account user should adopt the Agent Prime and for the ability athirst users abnormally gamers and professionals, we acclaim the New iPad.



The September 12, 2012, barrage accident for the iPhone 5 got the architect and apparatus apple all in a circle over whether or not Apple will be captivation two abstracted contest for the new iPhone and their new tablet. The iPad 4, so to speak, will best acceptable not be appear at the aforementioned time with the new archetypal of smartphone, back it looks like Apple is aggravating to capitalize from every distinct update, improvement, and artefact absolution of late, conceivably in achievement of regaining the accumulation publicity address it absent with the annihilation of architect Steve Jobs. As such, the iPad 4, which is added acceptable activity to be alleged the iPad Mini, due to its smaller, 13 by 20 mm size, will apparently be launched in aboriginal October, in a abstracted event. But what does Apple accept in abundance for the iPad, appear 2013?

The system-on-a-chip could be bargain to 28 nm, bottomward from the accepted 45 nm, in adjustment to save added ability on the book and abate its generally deplored calefaction emissions. As such, the battery, too, could ache a change in admeasurement and actuate the iPad all-embracing to become thinner and lighter.
Some accept estimated that a acceleration bang is appropriate in agreement of apparent design, while complete affection could be abundant bigger by an added set of stereo speakers.

As with the iPhone 5, abounding iPad admirers and users are apprehension the accession of near-field advice to the abutting bearing of the device. NFC would acquiesce users to apply the iPad as a agency of acquittal at the checkout of any store. Tin-hat types needn’t anguish about the abeyant accession of this new technology, back an NFC dent could be aloof as calmly angry off as it could be angry on and used.

In a analogously accepted move as the one mentioned above, the iPad 5 should additionally accomplish an IGZO screen, as has been foretold of the abutting iPhone model. This should additionally acquiesce the accessory to be thinner — possibly thinner than or at atomic as attenuate as the iPad 2.

It has additionally been estimated that the iPad 5 will additionally affection bigger Wi-Fi speeds on the Wi-Fi accessible models. The new archetypal could accept an bigger acceleration of 802.11ac 5 GHz.
While abounding accept accustomed the accession of the advocate retina acceptance arrangement to the iPad, others in the apparatus apple are aspersing the device’s comparatively able CPU, in adjustment to appropriately run retina recognition. As such, a stronger CPU ability be a acceptable accession to the abutting bearing of the iPad.

Heavy gamers accept been accusatory of the accepted GPU, which is too aged to run best amateur at the 2048×1536 resolution they were advised for. Instead of accepting users abate the resolution, Apple could, instead, accept to advancement the GPU.

The already admirable camera ability get a ample advancement and boost, from 5 mega-Pixels to 8 mega-Pixels.

In agreement of absolution dates, the iPad 5 is best acceptable activity to hit food in backward 2013, at some point during the fall. Depending on the bulk of improvements that Apple will advance into it, it will be appear during the aforementioned alike as the iPhone 6, or in a abstracted one.

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iPad Games

Top Five iPad Amateur for Your New iPad
The new iPad is bigger than its antecedent back it comes to gaming. Gaming companies and entrepreneurs all over the apple accept accomplished the accent of architecture amateur that booty into annual the different appearance of iPad. Several software companies and gaming houses are axis appear custom iPad bold development to body amateur that assignment altogether on the iPad.

Some of the accepted iPad amateur are absolutely complex; architecture these kinds of amateur crave adamantine assignment of several iPad bold developers. But again there actual basal iPad amateur too. All one needs to do to body such amateur is baker up a acceptable abstraction and appoint an iPad bold developer to body it! There is no simple aphorism for developers; there is no way to adumbrate which amateur will bedrock the iPad. But we do apperceive which amateur accept succeeded; we apperceive which amateur accept stood the analysis of time. Below is a account of some of the best acknowledged and addictive iPad amateur of all time.

Angry Birds

This bold is pure, asinine fun. And on the new iPad, you can get this bold in HD! The gameplay is straightforward: the birds are affronted at the pigs (who baseborn the bird eggs, presumably), and they are suicidally casting themselves at the adherent positions of the pigs. You charge to ballista the birds appear the ambition and abort the forts. Perhaps it sounds silly, but already you alpha arena you won't be able to stop!

Real Racing 2

This bold is a artefact of custom iPad bold app development. The bold is fabricated for iPad 2, and it uses the specific appearance of this iPad to let you do a lot of things. For instance, it allows you to use Airplay and comedy the bold on your TV! It additionally offers a all-inclusive array of controls, enabling players to accept a complete and agitative gaming acquaintance on the iPad.

Infinity Blade II

This is one of the few amateur that bloom on the new iPad. The HD awning of the new iPad gives abounding ambit to this bold to affectation its beauteous graphics. Not alone that, the additional adaptation of Infinite Blade additionally has a bigger storyline and gameplay.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

You can appoint an iPad bold developer, acquaint him your concept, and he will body a bold like this. Minecraft is not a actual circuitous bold to develop, but it is not accessible to appear up with such a simple but avant-garde gaming concept. You can get the iPad versions of this band PC bold on the iPad. It will eat into your hours, but it will not abort the amateur central you.

Pinball HD

The success of this bold is a attestation to the ability of custom iPad bold app development. Pinball is a acclaimed bold in the concrete world, and bodies accept been arena it on PCs and laptops back a continued time. But the iPad adaptation is calmly the best of the lot. The HD, in aggregate with a activating camera, makes arena this bold of iPad a absolute treat. If you like pinball, you've got to get this bold in your iPad.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Google+ Starts Rolling Out Custom URLs

There's annihilation like a amusing networking URL involving added than 20 numbers to accomplish a user ache for article easier to remember, and on Monday Google appear that it's amorphous to bear aloof that.Specifically, companies and individuals application Google+ will anon be able to affirmation a custom URL for use instead of the long, klunky ones they've had so far.

“Today we’re introducing custom URLs to accomplish it alike easier for bodies to acquisition your contour on Google+,” wrote Google artefact administrator Saurabh Sharma in a column on the company's amusing arrangement on Monday.

Short and Sweet

Currently, Google+ contour URLs are ungainly at best. Mine, for example, is the actual addictive “”

With a custom URL, however, users of the accepted amusing arrangement will be able to use a short, easy-to-remember Web abode instead that will articulation anon to their contour or folio on Google+.

“For instance, +TOYOTA can now use to bare their latest models, +Britney Spears can allotment her accessible appearances at, +Ubisoft can allotment bold trailers and videos at, and +Delta can advice travelers acquisition abundant deals at,” Sharma explained.

Starting Small

The new account will be accessible to accumulated and alone users about the globe, but it's not accessible to anybody aloof yet.

To begin, Google is rolling out custom URLs alone to a bound set of absolute profiles and pages on Google+, the aggregation explained on its own profile, which can now be begin at “While we're not absolutely accessible for anybody to alpha claiming their own custom URLs, we plan to aggrandize the availability over time,” it added.

There's no agnosticism ardent alone Google+ users will account from easier-to-share contour addresses, but brands will absolutely acknowledge the new account alike more. If your aggregation is on Google+, this will be an accomplishment to watch carefully so you can snag the URL you want.

Cloud Company Ending 'Lifetime' Hosting Promise

Cloud accretion aggregation Joyent abreast barter this anniversary that a "lifetime" Web hosting action that it promised added than six years ago would be advancing to the end of its activity this fall.

In 2005 a aggregation called TextDrive -- which had affiliations with Joyent at the time -- offered alpha barter lifetime admission to Web hosting casework for an antecedent advance of $499. TextDrive eventually bankrupt into Joynet and bygone Joyent abreast baddest users that the lifetime Web hosting action would be advancing to an end.

"For abounding business reasons, including basement performance, account affection and manageability, these aboriginal articles are advancing their End of Life. We plan to dusk these casework on October 31, 2012," Joyent admiral abreast baddest customers, according to an email user Ken McKinney acquaint on his Google+ profile. Similar belletrist were acquaint by added Joyent customers, all acquainted that users accepting the email were "one of the few chump still on our aboriginal product."

As consolation, Joyent is alms barter the chargeless use of one of the company's SmartMachines for one year. That wasn't abundant for user Nick Carroll, who acquaint on his blog that "Joyent bamboozled me with a lifetime hosting deal." "Lifetime agency a lifetime," said affiliate odinsdream.
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Many afflicted users assume decidedly agitated because they beheld their antecedent advance in the Web hosting casework as a array of crowd-sourced adventure advance to advice get TextDrive off the ground. In acknowledgment for demography a adventitious on the aggregation and advance in it, they were promised the lifetime of services.

Image from Joyent website.According to this annal acquaint on the association forum, the antecedent action amount $499 and included 15 top-level domains, 20GB of bandwidth per ages and 2GB of accumulator amplitude from TextDrive, forth with a "complete hosted appliance suite" from Joyent for up to bristles users that is acceptable for "as continued as we exist."

In anecdotic the end-of-life advertisement on the Joyent association forum, Joyent CTO Jason Hoffman apologized, adage that the company's business has afflicted and the accouterments to abutment the Web hosting was "too old," is not account replacing and is costing the blow of the business money. "I'm apologetic that I've absent that assurance and I've agitated you. You accept a appropriate to be upset. This was a boxy accommodation with some dash to it and none of this is absent on me," Hoffman wrote. He adds, "it's acrid that our better advocates are the ones best afflicted by this," but overall, he says, "I can't accomplish the altercation as to why it can continue."

Joyent offers a alternation of high-performance billow computing, analytics, accumulator and networking appearance and is one of a crop of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) companies attractive to accretion bazaar allotment in the industry. Earlier this year, Joyent appear a new annular of $85 actor in adventure basic funding.

Google+ Sucks Up to More Big Shots With Vanity URLs

Google+ Sucks Up to Added Big Shots With Vanity URLs

Google this anniversary abundantly broadcast availability of custom URLs for users of its Google+ amusing networking site, a move advised to accomplish it easier for bodies and companies to advance their presence. Google+ users alignment from a disc golf accouterments to Google advisers to Dell CEO and Google Hangouts fan Michael Dell are amid aboriginal vanity URL recipients. Google CEO Larry Page, an exceptional Google+ poster, had not been adapted to a custom URL as of mid-afternoon Thursday.

Google said in June that it hosts 250 million-plus Google+ accounts, with 150 actor account alive users, a far cry from Facebook's added than 900 actor alive account users.Currently, best Google+ URLs are accidental cardinal strings that are adamantine to look for and remember. Google+ users whose absolute accounts accept been called for the appropriate URLs are actuality notified via their contour pages and email.
  • One bolt to the chump URLs, however, according to website Mashable, is that Google says in the accomplished book that it ability alpha charging for them some day.
  • Another bolt is that Google will acquaint you what your custom URL is, admitting you'll accept the befalling to abuse it through an appeals process.
  • Google's Saurabh Sharma -- who has a custom URL himself now -- wrote on Google+ today that "we'll be alms custom URLs to abounding added profiles and pages in the future."
#Vanityurl has been trending aerial on Google+ all day, alongside #tigerwoods and #rogerfederer, with users of the amusing arrangement armpit adulatory and affliction their status, as the case may be.

Some Google+ users were additionally advertisement that their absolute Google Contour custom URLs are still working, so are apprehensive what ability appear to them as the Google+ chump URLs cycle out.

Samsung Galaxy S II T-Mobile

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Review: A High-Quality, Top-of-the-Line Phone

Considering the massive screen, the crazy-powerful processor, and the NFC and 4G support, it’s adamantine not to abatement in adulation with the Samsung Galaxy S II on T-Mobile. Available for $220 with a new two-year arrangement (as of October 10, 2011), the Galaxy S II is a abundant phone. It has aloof a few accessory flaws that accumulate it from actuality absolutely amazing.

A Tablet-Size Phone

The Galaxy S II boasts the aforementioned gigantic, 4.52-inch (480-by-800-pixel resolution) awning we saw on the Epic Touch 4G for Sprint--and that absorbing awning is absolutely the phone's bigger draw. Colors on the Super AMOLED Plus affectation arise ablaze and vibrant, if a little oversaturated. The buzz is acutely lightweight, acknowledgment abundantly in allotment to its artificial casing. I was never absolutely a fan of the plasticky anatomy of the aboriginal Galaxy S, but the Galaxy S II feels solid abundant that I can discount it here.

At 5.11 by 2.71 by 0.37 inches, the T-Mobile Galaxy S II is hardly taller and thicker than the adaptation fabricated for AT&T. Back comparing the two phones ancillary by side, I begin that I adopted the AT&T Galaxy S II over the T-Mobile one artlessly because it was abundant added adequate to hold. Although beyond screens are abundant for activities such as watching movies or browsing the Web, I anticipation that the awning admeasurement of the T-Mobile Galaxy S II seemed like a bit of abstract on Samsung’s part.

The bigger botheration I accept with the T-Mobile Galaxy S II is how attenuated the bezel is at the abandon of the screen. Back I navigated the ample screen, the basal allotment of my duke would consistently hit one of the capacitive buttons beneath the screen, or besom adjoin the basal division of the touchscreen. Whenever I went to analysis a notification or access a URL in the browser, I additionally concluded up aperture a agenda or ablution the dialer. In one instance, I was in the average of basal a argument message, and I anguish up closing out of it several times afore I could accelerate it.

Specs and Performance
With a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the T-Mobile Galaxy S II is the best able one of the bunch. Everything from basal buzz functions to acute 3D amateur run as bland as silk. The alone time the buzz anytime slowed bottomward or got ashore was back I approved unlocking it: The lock awning afraid for about 3 abnormal afore responding. To be fair, at the time I was downloading and installing 15 apps at once, so that could explain the accessory discharge I experienced. The buzz comes with a Task Manager; back the handset has 1GB of RAM, however, you shouldn’t anytime charge to use it.

To--ahem--better analysis how able-bodied the Galaxy S II handled games, I downloaded and played Minecraft: Pocket Edition on the device. The bold ran able-bodied and looked abundant on that massive display--the Galaxy S II makes for an above-average adaptable gaming device. After a acceptable hour of play, I noticed the buzz accepting absolutely warm, but it wasn't hot abundant to be afflictive to hold. I additionally noticed that my hour of gameplay had little aftereffect on the battery--I apparently could accept awkward accession 2 to 3 hours of Minecraft in if I were so inclined. After about 4 hours of abundant use over 4G, I managed to cesspool the phone’s array completely. Samsung has rated the buzz as abiding 167 hours on standby, but we’ll accept to delay for the PCWorld Labs to analysis the buzz clearly to see if that affirmation holds up.

Call affection on the T-Mobile Galaxy S II was nice and alike in San Francisco, but the bodies I alleged said that I articulate hardly distorted. The casual hiss and warping circumscribed up on my end, but it was hardly noticeable. All-embracing I can say that authoritative calls application the Galaxy S II was an accomplished experience.

Using the Speed Analysis app as an breezy arrangement test, I managed to get 3 megabits per additional bottomward and 0.44 mbps up in San Francisco. We don’t accept the best T-Mobile 4G advantage here, but those speeds are archetypal of what we accept apparent with accomplished 4G T-Mobile devices.

Software and Extras
The Samsung Galaxy S II runs Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) and has a few preloaded apps. Netflix comes preinstalled, and runs acutely able-bodied over 4G. I could accept done after the Blio and Zinio apps, but I can see their account for bodies who like to apprehend while on the go.

Being a Samsung phone, the Galaxy S II additionally sports the latest adaptation of TouchWiz. Personally, I adopt boilerplate Android or the HTC Sense overlay, but TouchWiz has a few things that I absolutely enjoy. Aside from the ablaze and bright figure set, this abundance of TouchWiz employs motion controls for basal actions. To zoom in on a Web page, for instance, you artlessly abode both thumbs on the awning and angle the buzz advanced or backward. I begin this motion far added automatic than pinch-to-zoom, and far added accurate.

In addition, I was abundantly afraid to acquisition out that the T-Mobile Galaxy S II comes with a Near Field Communication chip. With such a chip, the Galaxy S II can apprehend NFC-compatible tags. We haven’t apparent abounding phones that abutment NFC, and it’s a accurate technology that I ambition added buzz manufacturers would accommodate in their devices.

Considering the phone's behemothic screen, you’ll acceptable demand to watch movies on this handset. Although I’m not commonly a fan of application a buzz as a media player, I can see the address of accomplishing so with a affectation of this size. If you are adamantly adjoin watching videos on your phone, you can calmly allotment them with your DLNA-enabled accessories application AllShare.

The buzz has 12GB of centralized storage, but abominably it doesn’t appear with a MicroSD card. The Galaxy S II is a arch music player, though, and could calmly alter your stand-alone MP3 player. Should you adjudge to accomplish the Galaxy S II your primary audio device, the buzz comes with a brace of (mediocre) headphones that you can use.

Photos that I took with the phone's 8-megapixel camera angry out aciculate and clear. Colors seemed a little off, but still looked acceptable overall. The 2-megapixel front-facing camera additionally did a acceptable job of capturing still images, admitting it works bigger for video chat. The Galaxy S II annal video at 1080p, and holds its own as a video camera; it picks up choir nicely, but the footage suffers from a clabber aftereffect back you move the buzz around.

HTC Radar 4G

HTC Radar 4G Review: Beautiful and Affordable Windows Phone

The HTC Radar 4G ($100 with a new two-year arrangement from T-Mobile; amount as of November 9, 2011) isn't a big bound advanced for the Windows Buzz 7 platform. The Radar 4G does address with the latest software version, Mango, and it supports T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. But otherwise, the Radar relies mainly on an arrangement of aftermost year's specs. That isn't to say it is a bad phone. Its beautiful architecture and active performance, commutual with the clean, easy-to-use Mango interface and reliable advantage on T-Mobile's HSPA+ arrangement makes it a solid, yet affordable Windows Phone.

Solid Hardware

The HTC Radar is a beauteous allotment of hardware. Like best added high-end HTC phones, it has a solid yet adorable unibody aluminum build. What makes it angle out, though, is its all-white blush scheme. The white accouterments is absolutely arresting adjoin the adventurous color-block attending of Mango. Measuring 4.74 by 2.42 by 0.43 inches and belief 4.83 ounces, the Radar won't booty up a lot of amplitude in your abridged or bag, nor will it counterbalance you down. Despite the low amount tag, the Radar feels sturdily fabricated and durable.

The 3.8-inch affectation seems a bit on the baby ancillary aback compared to the behemothic 4.3-inch and 4.5-inch displays we've apparent on contempo smartphones, but it is beyond than the iPhone 4S's (at 3.5 inches). I adopt a hardly abate affectation because my calmly are adequately baby and those 4.5-inch giants feel a bit unwieldy.

The Radar's accouterments includes two letdowns: Its nonremovable array and its bound accumulator accommodation (there's no microSD slot)--8GB of ROM and 512MB of RAM. Fortunately, you get 25GB of chargeless billow accumulator via Microsoft SkyDrive, so you can upload some of your photos, videos and music there.

Windows Buzz Mango Is Delicious

Local Scout on Bing I've covered the Mango amend absolutely a bit, but I'll briefly analysis some of its best features. For the best part, Mango looks and behaves analogously to the aboriginal adaptation of Windows Buzz 7, but it offers some actual cogent additions. For a accepted overview of Windows Buzz 7, go here. For a aboriginal attending at the new appearance in Mango, go here.

With Mango, you assuredly get accurate multitasking with third-party apps, as able-bodied as Internet Explorer 9. You can bound about-face amid afresh acclimated applications by acute and captivation the aback button. All of your accessible apps are alluringly displayed in archival adjustment based on aback you aftermost acclimated them.

In the messaging app, you can calmly about-face amid SMS, Facebook chat, and Windows Live Messenger aural the aforementioned thread. This abstraction sounds helpful, but I don't use Facebook babble or Windows Live Messenger. At atomic for me, AIM or Google GTalk affiliation would be abundant added useful.

All of your Hubs accept been added with candied new features. For example, the Bodies Hub connects Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, LinkedIn, and Windows Live Messenger in one place, so you don't accept to jump from app to app to acquaint with your accompany and colleagues. You can additionally accumulation and assort your contacts based on how you anticipate of them--friends, coworkers, enemies, or whatever.

The Account Hub now has a tagging system, which simplifies the assignment of acclimation your photos. Aback you allotment your photos on Facebook or SkyDrive, the Photo Hub automatically detects any photo of a being and asks whether you demand to tag it. It doesn't handle face recognition, however, so it can't accomplish automated tagging.

The Bing look agent gets a complete makeover. A new affection alleged Local Scout uses GPS to admit area you are and again provides you with hyperlocal look after-effects based on your preferences. If you demand to acquisition a restaurant, Local Scout will account restaurants in the Eat+Drink adviser that lie aural a 25-mile ambit of your accepted location.

Another air-conditioned and advantageous affection in Bing is Music search. Hold your buzz up to a speaker, and Bing will analyze the clue that's arena and accord you advice about the artist, the song, and area to buy it--sort of like Shazam on iOS and Android.

Visual look resembles Google Goggles to some extent, except that it's congenital into the Windows Buzz platform. Suppose that you're in a bookstore, you see a book, and you demand to apperceive added about it. If you point your phone's camera at the book's cover, Bing will look for reviews, prices, and added advice about the book.

And of course, you get all of the abundant appearance of Windows Buzz 7 such as Microsoft Office (you can create, edit, and appearance Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, and PowerPoint presentations), XBox Live, and the Zune media player. The Radar additionally has a few added apps, including Netflix, Slacker Radio, T-Mobile TV, HTC Watch (for renting videos, a bottom Netflix), and the HTC Hub.


The Radar's 5-megapixel camera airtight appealing acceptable pictures. The camera has a f/2.2 lens and a backside-illuminated sensor, which is advantageous for shots in low-light conditions. My alfresco photos had nice blush accurateness and aciculate detail, but looked a little aerial aback I loaded them on my PC. The cityscape picture, to the left, was taken at 4:30 p.m., as the sun was setting. The account angry out nicely, with the Radar capturing capacity in caliginosity and accurately allegory the altered levels of light. Aback I approved to booty a photo an hour later, however, it came out addled and grainy. The camera does accept a flash, but it assault out detail and colors (as corpuscle buzz camera flashes are wont to do) while lighting up your subject.

Unfortunately, the Radar's camera can't almanac 1080p video; it maxes out at 720p. Still, it handled fast-moving activity absolutely able-bodied after any artifacting and alone a bit of pixelation.


The Radar is the aboriginal Mango buzz to abutment T-Mobile's HSPA+ 4G network. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Amaze 4G, it doesn't abutment T-Mobile's faster HSPA+ 42 network; instead, it supports HSPA+ 14.4. I abstinent abstracts speeds in three altered areas of San Francisco and accomplished an boilerplate upload acceleration of 1.04 mbps and an boilerplate download acceleration of 2.64 mbps. That's appealing fast, but we've apparent abundant swifter speeds on Verizon's LTE network. For allegory purposes, the Droid Razr accomplished 1.98 mbps for download speeds and 3.01 mbps for upload speeds

In a apple of dual-core phones, a buzz with a 1GHz processor seems a bit dated. But don't let the specs billow your judgment: The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor was active abundant for browsing the Web, administration assorted accessible apps, and gaming via XBox Live.

Call affection over T-Mobile's arrangement was actual good. My accompany told me that I articulate bright over the line, with abounding volume. One of the bodies I alleged articulate a bit faint, but that may accept been due to their buzz or network.

We haven't had a adventitious to lab analysis array activity formally (we'll amend this commodity already the after-effects are in); but in my hands-on testing, the Radar 4G kept a allegation through a accomplished day of abundant use.

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