Monday, October 3, 2011

Touchscreen Laptop

Touchscreen laptops are very rarely used nowadays and if you want to get one that will cost big money. Not worth much money, I mean the touch screen. However, you can enjoy having this feature on your laptop. NAVIsis has produced a gadget that will make your laptop screen with a touch screen. No need to buy any expensive laptop you can use your old favorite.

Tablet laptop screen turns your laptop into a touch in seconds. This gadget is attached to the side of the laptop screen lets you use the stylus to write things and buttons. The controls are just like you are using a standard touch screen, like a PDA or phone Communicator. The idea is great because you do not have to change your own laptop, even if you really want to get a touch screen. And it could be more useful in some cases, when using all writing and graphics programs.

However, the laptop screen was not created to be a touchescreen and be touched by a pencil or worst ever by your hands. It might actually ruin your screen with this gadget. Or you will need a special protective cover for the screen or use the gadget as little as possible.

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