Saturday, October 29, 2011

Calculator Mouse

Canon X Mark I Calculator Mouse

Today Canon has announced the first mouse-hybrid calculator. The keypad of this gadget represents the numeric pad time lost laptops or portable keyboards. Mouse itself is a Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology laser mouse with three buttons on top, plus a scroll wheel. Number keys can also be used to enter numeric data, but only with a particular application. The shape is not very comfortable, but do not have much choice if you want this type of hybrid. Built-in calculator works pretty well and quickly. Counters I am sure you will find this very useful gadget. Mouse works in a couple of AA batteries, making it even more convenient.

The device is to be launched in August-September. The initial price will be $ 60 or White or Black versions. The same day, Canon has announced a full-size Bluetooth calculator, the X Mark I keyboard. Maybe I'm missing something, but I see no logic in this. Why buy a mouse, calculator, which is not very convenient as a mouse, when a Bluetooth Full-size calculator?

Well, this is just my personal opinion. Anyway, this will be a good offices gadget well worth the money sixties.

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