Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HDPC smartphone and UMPC

HDPC - smartphone and UMPC hybrid

When someone needs mobile devices that can perform complex tasks, smartphones are the first that comes to mind. However, the operating system used on smartphones nowadays are very different from the desktop. This means they need other applications, which are often very limited compared to normal. What if someone needs a fully functional portable PC? Netbooks and laptops are much larger than usual smartphone, UMPC offers good possibilities but without phone function. Fortunately, China's integrated phone MIU UMPC successfully, so a portable gadget almost perfect and omnipotent for geeks. Details below.

This collaboration between the UMPC and smartphone called HDCP, which means hybrid dual laptop. It uses Windows XP Home operating system, so it is able to run almost any Windows application designed to regulate. However, the phone functions are performed in an unusual way. MIU engineers made an interesting move - decided not to reinvent the wheel, and even tried to icorporate protocols wireless - Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi. There are two cameras - one for video chat (VGA) and other (3 megapixels) to take pictures. It even has a Digital TV receiver, which is fully compatible DVB-T. Chinese companies often want to put as many functions as possible, so that the presence of TV signal receiver is not new smartphones in China. Las but not least - HDPC has a full QWERTY keyboard hidden below the screen.

Great list of functions in almost all the time through large, and this is true. Mio HDPC is big - no bigger than UMPCs usual, but it is a great phone, in any case (160 x 65 x 25 mm), weight is not too small - 387 g. HDPC pesos

This gadget is bulky, it looks like a brick, yet is one of the most multifunction devices on the market. The use of desktop operating system means that the user is not limited to audio and video formats, there is absolutely no need to convert video and audio files so they can be reproduced in HDPC. It is also very comfortable to use for browsing the Internet, instant messaging applications and purposes of editing text, due to its QWERTY keyboard. In any case, we will wait for its release, it will be interesting to see the price. If you are going to be like its predecessor, about $ 500, this gadget has a good chance to succeed.

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