Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pen-shaped wireless mouse

No need to explain the importance of a mouse as a control device for any PC user. It's hard to imagine that there may be an alternative to this device well known that we used to. However, there is the fact that the traditional form of the mouse is the most convenient and efficient. Therefore, some designers believe that it is possible to change the shape of the mouse is.

The gadget offers a wireless mouse looks like a pencil. In fact, this device operates as a single pencil simple, so lets put everything you want, but when disconnecting the receiver and insert it into the USB port, the stylus becomes a wireless mouse. What functionality and portability of the concept represents its main advantages compared to normal mice.

It has three buttons on the side of the row. So the user can have the three buttons to use. However, it has a scroll wheel, which reduces their usefulness.

I have no doubt that this gadget is great for browsing, but if you deal with graphic design or something, probably will encounter some problems, at least in the first script. No information available about refillable cartridges, but I hope that the pen comes with them, because otherwise it would be a waste of money to buy a new unit every time you need it. However, it is a decent enough idea, which most likely will have its defenders.

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