Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flixible OLED touchscreen

Hermes designing electronic organizer with cutting edge flixible OLED touchscreen

From the moment he had first chat rooms on the first production model of an OLED display that has hardly been a front page of our site without an article on the new OLED gadget. The technology is developing very rapidly. Not long ago we were happy to see first OLED portable media player, mobile phone then - a lot of those especially at MWC 2009 - Apple upcomings then and now, after a while we have learned that a project is designer with a flexible OLED display with touch capabilities. Project designer, however, leaves a shadow of doubt on the question of whether to leave early or remain the same design, if you really do.

The design of the gadget is made by Alexandre Fourna of Hermes, which is currently making and selling a lot of different fashion accessories. Most of them technology is a range of watches. As you may have guessed, flexible OLED touch screen will then be the most advanced product of Hermes. The concept is an organizer that folds into a smaller package with style, if not necessary.

This, then, a kind of mixture of electronic paper and touch screen technology currently can not go together. Organizing OLED is not plausible Hermes will have other production difficulties. And very reverse - a smaller electronic organizer that can replace a notebook or netbook for a way out than a necessity for the mobile phone only. The skin should be easy to install and there are actually more planned for Hermes digital diary. In addition to organizing that has icons for email and RSS in the image, must also take the Internet through WLAN and speakers. Anyway, I would look first flexible OLED touch.

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