Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple tablet MacBook

Rumored Apple tablet in February 2010, do you like the name of MacBook Touch?

Half a year ago, and this is a nice thing to bring up for me, we were thinking and talking about how Apple will update their devices with the features and functionality. For the most part it was imaginary, so exciting, or perhaps because it applies regardless of who is really very good idea of ​​launching an internet tablet, now let's do the same as before.

Yes, a tablet. A touch-screen gadget internet speed bandwidth of fast and a large battery of endless fun. Unlike CrunchPad and if we are well informed, will not apply to limit the tablet next to the only Internet functionality. What we know about the topic at this time is to be or PA Semi has a processor, a battery that will allow Dynapack do your research online and then get carried away games or social networks more likely. 9. 6-inch screen has not been confirmed OLED not so keeping fingers crossed for that.

HSDPA, of course, Wi-Fi too, probably. Prices range from 799 to 999 USD which makes the whole land somewhere between a smartphone and a good right laptop. I wonder, how much functionality in both tablet from Apple will be able to take when it comes next February?

Ah, yes, how would you like to call a MacBook Touch?

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