Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Video Glasses

It's not real right to see a clip while it is in a car, an alternation or a baby like a canopy of a DVD player. Passable DVD players do not accept a large awning for proper display abundant. All media players added passable look smaller. People were attractive to the band-aid to the trouble and optical aggregation Lumus has achieved compliance with the completely different item. Accept created a device that is declared to surprise the world. Accept a new technology invented at the surface of micro-displays. Created micro optical Lumus Ð ² Ð involvement glasses 'designer'. They advice bodies stop watching movies on the screens of media players baby passable.

These glasses are beautiful flames weight and accepting a property agreement of the lens, congenital in the projector, and impaired LCD all in one. The account is actually transmitted to the affected and you can see the movie. Watching a film application this device is like watching a 60-inch TV set a scope of about 3 meters. Incredible, is not it? To get the affection of the approval and affection of aggregation has the atmosphere of the element optic light guide (LOE).

There are silver particles in the bottle or artificial vessels and is reflected in the account that is projected onto them. Its absorption characteristics are not bad, return them to the angel that is seems like it on the big screen. The resolution of this involvement is 640 x 480 pixels, which is acceptable to the real size. Optical took about 5 years to update Lumus glasses with air such a resolution. In the Aborigines had a resolution of 320 x 240. In the activity of the cluster approach is to carry out this device the lighter, larger and access to the Cardinal of pixels displayed.

The effect is that supposing that the angel is actually projected onto it. It reflects and directs the angel are the lenses, and again the angel is augmented reality through a prism in which the largest angel angel and make mirror so you can see it without problems. This device is actually flooded schedule yet, but there are plenty of bodies that are absorbed in the affairs of an air conditioner. "Designer" is an abstraction of the approaching and you will be able to see the presentation of this device at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

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