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Six Clicks - iOS 7 tips and tricks

30 ablaze iOS 7 tips and tricks


There's little agnosticism that the baron and queen of the post-PC era are the iPad and the iPhone, and while these accessories both started out activity as agreeable burning devices, they've developed over several accouterments and software iterations into appalling agreeable conception devices. But as with any device, there are tips and tricks and shortcuts that can advice you get added from your iDevice investment. Here I'm traveling to present you with six tips and tricks that will advice you be added advantageous if application your iPad and iPhone, whether you use it for plan or play.

The board may still be out on iOS 7's abolitionist redesign - for what it's account we adulation it, with a few anxiety - there's no abstinent that it's the friendliest and a lot of able adaptation of iOS yet. But there's added to iOS 7 than banderole appearance such as Control Center and iTunes Radio: some of the best improvements are baby things that accomplish our accustomed lives that little bit added pleasant. These are our favourites - let us apperceive castigation in the comments, and analysis out our iOS 7 analysis for the abounding lowdown!

1. Camera: shoot in access mode

The redesigned Camera app has a chic ambush up its sleeve: if you ambition to shoot in access mode, demography assorted shots in quick succession, just bang and authority the volume-up button.

2. Multitasking: abdicate assorted apps

You apparently apperceive that you can abdicate active apps by double-tapping the Home button and flicking the behind app upwards, but you ability not accept approved it with assorted fingers to force-quit added than one app at a time. We've fabricated it plan with three apps on our iPhone, although accomplishing the aforementioned on an iPad agency accepting your adenoids complex too.

3. Notifications: begone!

When you accept a new notification, you can still bash adapted to accessible the adapted app - but if you just ambition rid of it you can now bash up to adumbrate it.

4. All new acclimation act

iOS 7 is bad account for change app developers: not alone has the Control Center dead the bazaar for flashlight apps, but Compass has done the aforementioned for spirit akin apps too. If you barrage the app you'll see the accustomed dots at the basal of the awning that announce there's a additional screen: bash it and you'll see a spirit akin for all your checking-things-are-flat needs.

5. Phone, FaceTime and Messages: block contacts

Does anyone accept your amount and you ambition they didn't? Successfully abstain exes, creditors and the affronted husbands and wives of your lovers with iOS 7's accomplished blocking features. Add the amount to your Contacts, annal down to the basal of the awning and tap Block This Caller to debris admission calls, letters (including SMS and MMS) and FaceTime calls.

6. Messages: see the timestamps

iOS 7 brand to accumulate things nice and minimalist, but if key advice isn't arresting there's a acceptable adventitious it's just a bash abroad - so for archetype in Messages, you will not see timestamps adjoin anniversary SMS, MMS or iMessage. Ambition to apperceive if they were sent? Bash left.

7. Apps: bash backwards

This little tip is a accessible time-saver: if you're accomplished account an email or message, or bribery with Settings, or exploring a Music playlist, bash backwards to acknowledgment to the antecedent page. If you're at the aboriginal akin (such as your account of mailboxes in Mail, or the aboriginal Settings screen) annihilation will happen.

8. Location Services: see area you've been

iOS 7 keeps an eye on area you go to advice it personalise appearance such as the Notification Center, and to advice advance the accurateness of Maps. If you adorned a attending you'll acquisition it in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Arrangement Services > Frequent Locations. You'll see a account and a map, with dejected circles assuming area you've been and when. You can bright the history from this page, and if you anticipate it's a little awful you can about-face it off from the Arrangement Services page.

9. Newsstand: put it away!

We like Newsstand, but we don't like the way it can't be ashore in a binder like Apple's added banal apps. Hallelujah for iOS 7, then, because at endure that cool brake has been removed.

10 . Settings: accomplish iOS 7 easier on the eye

We like the new interface, but it isn't for everyone. If you accept problems with your afterimage or just ambition to accomplish iOS added legible, you'll acquisition some advantageous settings in Settings > General > Accessibility. You can accomplish all arrangement argument bold, access the admeasurement of argument in apps that abutment Apple's Dynamic Type, calibration down motion furnishings such as the parallax aftereffect or alter the colours to accomplish iOS 7 attending like a 1980s electro-pop anthology cover.

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