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Nokia Oro

The Nokia Oro isn’t advised for the brand of you or I, it’s a play-thing for the cash-rich, for those who like the abstraction of owning a smartphone but abandoned if it’s decrepit in gold and jewels. Costing alert the amount of a Nokia C7, on which it’s based, is this smartphone a ‘bad boy’ or just ‘bad taste’? Acquisition out with our Nokia Oro smartphone review. The Nokia Oro is attenuate in the aforementioned way that Lady Gaga is understated. The box it ships in affectionate of reminds us of that behemothic egg Gaga presented herself in a abbreviate while back, it that it’s all theatre, all about authoritative an entrance. Okay, so the box isn’t egg-shaped but the gold and atramentous architecture and absorption to detail makes the aforementioned impact, bark aback the layers and you’re presented with a adored Nokia C7 and a analogous white and gold-plated Bluetooth headset.

There are two versions of the Nokia Oro available, Dark and Light Editions, of which we were beatific the closing to analysis out. Nokia has taken the basal mid-level Nokia C7 and instead of advancement the tech-spec, it’s absitively that a makeover is in order. So we get 18-carat gold plating on the bezel, camera apartment and action buttons, with a azure on the Menu button and the covering from some absolute Scottish cow on the aback plate. Lil Jon would be all over this.

All about physique image

All this added trim makes it hardly fatter than the aboriginal adaptation (132g compared to 130g) but the Nokia Oro is still nice and abbreviate and feels appealing acceptable in the hand. The covering aback awning we may not visually like but it but does beggarly the Oro doesn’t blooper in your hands, a declining the Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 accept both suffered from of late.

The 3.5-inch AMOLED awning has the accepted 360 x 640-pixel resolution and images attending ablaze and clear. There is a screenlock on the side, gold-plated of course, or you can artlessly columnist the Azure pimped Menu button and again columnist the onscreen Unlock icon. To admonish you you’re application an absolute phone, there is a appropriate Light Gold affair backpack installed that changes the icons to a compatible gold colour, which we like. Such a benevolence again that any apps you install are still in colour, which boodle the aftereffect Nokia is acutely aggravating to get over.

Symbian Anna

Nokia has been apathetic to get with smartphone affairs and while Windows Buzz is advancing down the band after this year, for now we accept to argue with the aforementioned old Symbian platform. Things are hardly better, as the latest Symbian Anna amend comes preloaded on the Nokia Oro. The buzz feels faster and slicker than the aboriginal Nokia C7, for example, but it’s still boilerplate abreast analogous the latest Android phones, or iOS. While the UI feels added abiding and accessible than afore (though the abstract arrangement of settings for Wi-Fi, rather than On/Off, will leave a lot of of the Russian popstars acceptable to buy this buzz abrading their heads), we’re still larboard with the aforementioned under-pinning OS, which is bulky and out-dated and acutely seems to be on its endure legs.

Of the new features, the web browser is the a lot of impressive, as it in fact agency you can seek and cream after throwing the buzz abroad in annoyance and blemishing that “veautiful” finish. Again there’s the Pportrait QWERTY onscreen keyboard, which works able-bodied enough, but reminds you that it should accept been there from the start!

Feature set

When it comes to features, you’ll acquisition Nokia plays for the boilerplate market. The 8-megapixel camera is adequately accepted these canicule and getting EDoF based delivers appropriate snaps, already you get acclimated to the rather awkward anchored lens attributes of it all, and the disability to nab appropriate macro shots. Multimedia aspects of the Nokia Oro assume to be appealing abundant what you’d expect: they plan able-bodied already you’ve got them loaded but with too abounding curtains bare to cull up your music or videos in the aboriginal place, if feels like a chore. Like the Nokia C7, you’ll aswell acquisition NFC built-in, which hasn’t absolutely gone boilerplate abundant for humans owning the Oro to accede using. Plus if you can allow this phone, you can apparently accept asssistans buy being for you anyway. On top of this you accept WiFi, HSDPA and Bluetooth, so connectivity and blockage in blow is able-bodied catered for.


If you’re searching for something technologically avant-garde you can buy two Nokia N8s for the amount of the Nokia Oro but that’s not what this smartphone is about. It’s aimed at humans who don’t see the amount tag, just the affairs and while aftertaste is a arbitrary barbarian it may advertise able-bodied on looks alone.


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