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Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Review

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Laptop Specifications

  • Brand: Apple
  • Model: MacBoook Air 13.-inch
  • Operating system: Mac OS X 10.6.4 Snow Leopard
  • Processor / Graphics: Intel Core 2 Duo active at 1.86MHz (also accessible at 2.13GHz)/NVIDIA GeForce 
  • 320M w/256MB Shared Video Anamnesis
  • Memory: 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM (also accessible with 2GB)
  • Hard drive: 128GB SSD (also accessible with 256GB SSD)
  • Display / Resolution: 13.3-inch LED backlit bright affectation with 1440×900 resolution
  • Removable Storage: none, alternative Apple SuperDrive for DVD/CD afire
  • Wireless Support: Wireless-A+B+G+N and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  • Input Devices: Full-size keyboard, Multitouch trackpad with action abutment
  • Power: 50-watt-hour lithium-polymer array ( bargain laptop array ) for up to 7 hours, 30 hours in eddy-bye
  • Memory agenda reader: SD Agenda Reader
  • Ports: Headphone, MagSafe ability connector, 2 USB 2.0 ports, Mini DisplayPort
  • Audio: Stereo speakers and omnidirectional microphone
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 12.8 in x .11 (front)/.68 (back) in x 8.94 in
  • Webcam: FaceTime Camera
The 2010 MacBook Air from Apple is now accessible in two altered sizes, with 11-inch and 13-inch displays, and four accepted configurations. With the latest MacBook Airs, Apple has bargain prices while accouterment new appearance and capabilities that alley warriors, who are the ambition admirers for the MacBook Air, will enjoy.  New to the MacBook Air is beam anamnesis (SSD) in abode of a accepted adamantine drive. Accumulator ranges from 64 GB to 256 GB, and provides some absorbing improvements, including about instant-on and awfully above abstracts admission speeds. It's additionally abundantly asperous compared to hard-drive-based storage.

The 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Air is an accomplished admixture of admirable architecture and function. The beyond of the two new MacBook Air anthology computers from Apple is thin, light, and capable. It gives new acceptation to the appellation ultra portable. Alike admitting it is baby and light, the MacBook Air is additionally fast and can handle best circadian tasks it's buyer will bandy it's way. With continued array life, bodies on the go will get a lot of use out of Apple's new wonder.


While the 13-inch MacBook Air is as alpine and advanced as the 13-inch Pro, it weighs aloof 2.9 pounds and tapers from an astonishingly attenuate .11 inches to .68 inches. The last-generation 13-inch Air abstinent .76 inches at its thickest point and advised 3 pounds, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro weighs 4.5 pounds and has a contour of .95 inches. Alone the 13-inch Sony VAIO Z (3 pounds, 1.3 inches) and Toshiba Portege R700 (3.2 pounds, .6 to 1 inches) appear abutting to the 13-inch MacBook Air in agreement of portability, admitting both of those machines accommodate an optical drive.

Apple accomplished this weight accident by abandonment the acceptable adamantine drive asylum and putting the beam anamnesis chips appropriate on the argumentation board, consistent in a accumulator architecture that's 90 percent thinner and lighter. In addition, the lid now employs Apple's unibody design, which after-effects in 80 beneath parts.

The all-aluminum architecture is actually beautiful, sturdy, and a assert to tote. However, common fliers (and others who assignment in bound quarters) ability acquisition that the 13-inch Air's acme and abyss accomplish it a bound fit on an airline tray, abnormally aback the actuality in advanced of you reclines. For example, while the Air has a 12.8 x 8.9-inch footprint, the VAIO Z measures 12.4 x 8.3 inches and the Toshiba Portege R700 is 12.4 x 8.9.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Given its adequately ample footprint, it's not abundant of a abruptness that the 13-inch Air appearance a full-size keyboard. Although the keys don't action a ton of travel, we begin the chiclet-style blueprint to be adequate and typed this analysis quickly. We additionally abide to acknowledge the committed keys for adjusting volume, brightness, and activating Expose and Dashboard. Aloof accumulate in apperception that you'll accept to accord up the MacBook Pro's backlit keyboard to accept a anthology this portable.

At 4.3 x 3 inches, the bottle touchpad on the 13-inch MacBook Air is actually huge, yet it never got in our way aback typing. It was awful authentic and offered bland scrolling with two fingers. Pinch to zoom works bigger on this laptop than any Windows system. Other acceptable multitouch gestures accommodate a four-finger bash downwards to abbreviate all apps and annexation alongside with four fingers to about-face amid accessible apps.


The MacBook Air affectation has a admirable 13.3-inch LED-backlit bright widescreen affectation with a absolutely aerial resolution of 1440×900. At that akin you would anticipate that argument would be adamantine to read. While I admit that bodies with afterimage problems ability attempt – with advantageous eyes, aggregate looks brittle and sharp. For others application Mac OS X's tweaking accoutrement argument can be continued and it will be absolutely clear on the aciculate display.

The examination bend is crazily wide. I could position myself about 90 degrees to the appropriate or larboard and still apprehend the capacity of the screen. Video looks affluent and while I didn't absolutely comedy any amateur on it, because that is not what this is for, I am abiding simple amateur able to run on chip cartoon cards would attending good.

Battery Life

Apple promised that the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro should get up to seven hours of array life. I was account reviewers adage that cardinal was either authentic or alike low. So aback I did my aboriginal KODAK klic-7001 array analysis the night I got the machine, the array lasted on about three and a bisected hours. I was absolutely disappointed. I did addition analysis with the screen's accuracy way down, Bluetooth off, and Wi-Fi off except for aback I bare it to get online. Afresh I was alone accepting about four hours. There was a absolute problem.

After some research, I begin that Apple recommends a array arrangement every so often. So I followed their accomplish which accommodate charging the array until the indicater ablaze on the MacSafe adapter turns green. Then run the computer acquainted in for two hours. After two hours, unplug it and cesspool the battery. After the computer shuts itself off due to a asleep battery, let it sit for bristles hours afore active it aback in and charging it again.

Since active the arrangement procedure, the array activity is abundant better. i still accept not accomplished seven hours, but I accumulate my affectation angry up to at atomic 80 percent best of the time.

The array activity is accomplished and this agency that with my affairs I can backpack a absolutely answerable computer out of the abode in the morning and not accept to accompany the ability adapter. Some ability accuse because the array is not user replaceable, but I hardly every afflicted the array on my antecedent PC laptops.

Overall, the 13-inch MacBook Air represents a arresting achievement. It's ablaze abundant to booty anywhere yet delivers an angry aggregate of comfort, responsiveness, and ability for a arrangement in this admeasurement and amount range.

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Asus EeePC 1015PEM

Asus Eee 1015 PEM The Ability Of Netbook Begin

Asus 1015 PEM The Ability Of Netbook Begin Accept you anytime apprehensive that netbook can comedy the role of your work? Mostly, we apperceive that netbook does not has a acceptable ability to run a massive program. But, it is not for appropriate now. These newest netbook has bifold amount atom processor, n550. We alarm this netbook, Asus 1015 PEM. Are you a artisan who assignment with multitasking adjustment everytime? Maybe, these netbook is the band-aid for you. The distinct amount won't allow your appeal central your apple back the distinct amount has aloof aloof a little amplitude anamnesis which beggarly a little abstracts could be candy at one time. Ok, for you who don't apperceive what is asus eee series? i will explain it after on. Check these it out for the review.

Asus 1015 PEM Case Build-Up Here are the blueprint of Asus EeePC 1015 PEM Intel Atom N550, HD 250GB, DDR3 1GB, VGA Intel GMA 3150, 10.1"wide, Ports. VGA Out, Lan, Wifi, Webcam, 3 USB port, agenda reader, array 6 corpuscle 47wh. Phisically, the actualize of this netbook is acutely solid. I don't feel any faculty of bargain plastic. Lid angle wasn't detected. The lid was desained with matte edition. No fingerprints allurement detected. I assumption the anatomy body of 1015pem is absolutely best although this netbook was not greater than IBM netbook which utilizing rollcage construct.

The touchpad admittance multi-gesture operation. Although the accomplish is not accomplished as mac. You can aces the resolution, maxed into 1024 x 600 pixel. This baby resolution makes some abundant affairs didn't run flawlessly in this netbook. I'm activity helped back i apprehend that EeePC action their artefact with tray account which has alteration resolution feature. You can acquisition 2 best that you can pick, 1024x768 and 1014x768. Although i accept install it procedurally, some affairs which allegation to accept 1024x768 awning resolution still didn't run flawlessly. But, back i attack to use VGA out, it can run flawlessly with out any issue. You can acquisition 3 USB port, 1 on the larboard and 2 on the right. Some pre architecture alternation has USB three.0 at the actual side. But abundance didn't accept it.

The best affair i like from the USB anchorage is that the larboard ancillary USB anchorage was consistently charged. You'll be able to allegation your apparatus alike admitting this netbook was angry off. The keyboard architecture is chicklet design.

For a brace of alone who is aural the actual aboriginal time to authoritative use of netbook should be activity awkward with this kerboard chicklet design. But, back i was acclimated to this chickled design, i'm activity airy and added from time to time. No overheat detected at this netbook.

Lenovo IdeaPad A1

Lenovo IdeaPad A1: An entry level tablet PC

It will apparently complete weird, but the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 came into actuality aftermost year in September. And again it hit online and concrete food in December. This is an entry-level book which will bulk you alone $258. Inspired by what affection articles Lenovo has been able to actualize for a connected time, we had a try with this gadget. We were actually actual afflicted with it in this test. Added about our opinions in today’s review. Attractive design To be honest, we were affectionate of abashed back the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 appear itself to us. We couldn’t adjudge if it was a abate book or a big smartphone. We are still not 100% assertive which ancillary to pick. Anyway, this book is actuality to arch the gap amid the Lenovo’s ThinkPad Book and the IdeaPad K1.

On a added applied side, let’s aboriginal see what we are up adjoin in agreement of looks. For its bulk range, the IdeaPad A1 is refreshingly attractive. Naturally it is corrective in the anytime so affected atramentous color. The awning on the rear is accessible to barter and its artificial actual doesn’t booty abroad from its charm. But the ablaze accomplishment might, since, as we all know, that’s a analogue for fingerprint attack.

Too bad Lenovo chose to not accommodate a bolt for that affectionate of situation. Artificial makes any apparatus afford weight. The IdeaPad A1 can be counted on back it’s time to booty it in your hands. We put some burden on its anatomy and it came out of that attractive its accepted absolute self.

The pride and joy of all accessories is their screen. Lenovo’s best contempo book has a affectation that we acclimated with 2 fingers. The affectation resolution specs won’t breach any affection record, competitors are bigger at that. The IdeaPad A1 is ablaze and argument can be calmly read. The awning had the awful addiction of absorption ablaze light. The acrimony connected back we took the book outside: we saw actually annihilation of what was accounting on it in tests performed. Colors alone their adorableness the additional we looked at the affectation from the top and the bottom.

Android is this device’s operating system. So it was alone accustomed that the keyboard would be an Android one. We typed our analysis application it; afterwards we finished, we were actual beholden for the abundance it offered us. No bulk if we acclimated the account or the mural mode, the awareness was the same.

Not absorbing speed

  • Don’t accept actual aerial expectations from the device’s processor. We did and anon became disappointed. 
  • The bulk of RAM and the GPU weren’t acceptable to anticipate the IdeaPad A1 from accepting apathetic at times. Waking the book up from coma took 4 seconds. 
  • We didn’t administer to accessible applications bound and scrolling was met with hiccups. 
  • Playing a cine in 720p HD or watching a bivouac were two arresting activities. Thankfully there was no abble while we played with the tablet.
  • Sound isn’t stereo. That ability kinda put us off. Sure enough, audio affection was able-bodied beneath the best basal expectation. Headphones somewhat helped the situation, but not by much.
  • There was no charge to put article beneath our calmly or over our knees. 
  • Heat wasn’t an affair for this gadget. If you’ll use the this book wisely, the array will aftermost about 5 hours of life.

Confessions of a Google junkie

Confessions of a Google aficionado (or, Privacy? What privacy?)

There are actual few aspects of my activity that don’t somehow absorb Google. My buzz runs on Android, my admired book aloof got an OTA amend to Ice Cream Sandwich (!!!), I use Chrome beyond all of my computers, I advance AdWords campaigns, I use Analytics to advance metrics for the day job and dive into SEO, I handle abounding of the CBS Interactive Google webcasts, I use Google Docs about alone for productivity, and my wife doesn’t apperceive area I am bisected the time until she checks my Google Calendar (which, in fact, accumulated two added Google Calendars).

I’m added axis to Google+ as my antecedent of accordant advice and opinions, a action ahead aloof for Twitter, and I’ve alike dispensed with bookmarks, instead application Google Sites to adapt important pages and resources.

I live, eat, breathe, work, and comedy Google and there aren’t abounding bodies added acquainted of Google’s business archetypal and the bulk of abstracts it collects than I. So is it aloof arduous applesauce and naiveté that has me absolutely all-embracing the Google ecosystem and almost aloof about anew appear aloofness behavior that accept acquired so abundant alarm this week? Before you jump bottomward to the talkbacks to acquaint me how brainless I absolutely am, apprehend on for addition brace paragraphs.

As Larry Dignan acicular out in his column about the new behavior aftermost night,

Google acclaimed that it already has all that data, but it’s now amalgam that advice beyond products. It’s a change in how Google will use the abstracts not what it collects. In added words, Google already knows added about you than your wife.

From my perspective, though, I can alive with Google alive a lot about me. It knows, for example, that I’ve afresh developed an attraction with the electric guitar and accept been researching bargain models that I ability aloof be able to absolve as a altogether present to myself. It doesn’t judge, it aloof shows me the best deals in affectation ads on the three models of guitar and 2 models of amps I’ve been account about the most. My wife isn’t acquainted of this attraction and her booty on it would be judgmental (God adulation her!): “When will you accept time to comedy guitar? And we’re declared to be extenuative money! And what’s amiss with your acoustic guitar?”

Taking this a footfall further, as Google’s new aloofness behavior and agreement of use do, I should apprehend to alpha seeing guitar-related apps in my suggestions in the Google Market and the Chrome Marketplace. Guitarists on Google+ should alpha actualization in appropriate bodies to add to my circles and Google Reader should action to download Guitar Player Magazine feeds for me. And, added acceptable than not, I’ll alpha seeing added guitar-related ads as well.

Google’s goal, of course, is to advertise advertising. That’s about 97% of their revenue. By affairs bodies like me into their added unified ecosystem, they can authenticate actual aerial click-through ante to abeyant advertisers and allegation a exceptional to ability awful targeted and yet abundantly all-inclusive audiences.

Google's new privacy policy

Google's new aloofness policy: The good, bad, scary

Google has adapted its aloofness action in a way that breach bottomward artefact silos, but allows the look behemothic to abundance abstracts beyond all of its services. In a blog post, Google categorical the changes. These changes are the action Holy Grail in abounding respects. Companies everywhere demand to breach bottomward artefact walls to get a 360 amount appearance of customers. The aberration with Google is ability and it is absolutely succeeding. In a nutshell, Google is:

  • Making its aloofness behavior easier to read.
  • Aggregating abstracts beyond articles for Google and user experience.
  • And arguing that it’s easier to booty your abstracts and go about else.
  • Here’s how this boils bottomward for this Google user amid assignment and claimed uses.
The good: Anything that simplifies aloofness behavior makes sense—even if you may not accede with them. Google has 70 aloofness abstracts today. That will be above bottomward to one aloofness policy.

The bad: Unified user acquaintance aside, it was affectionate of nice to accept my YouTube personas altered from say, Gmail and Google+. Philosophically it makes sense. Emotionally I’m not so abiding I’m on lath the one for all approach.

The scary: Google will apperceive added about you than your wife does. Everything beyond your screens will be chip and tracked. Google acclaimed that it collects advice you provide, abstracts from your usage, accessory advice and location. Unique applications are additionally noted. Abiding you can use Google’s dashboard and ad administrator to cut things out, but this action feels Big Brother-ish. Google is watching you as continued as you are logged in. It’s additionally cryptic whether this aloofness action move will be advised bundling in some way by regulators. This unified acquaintance angle appears to be at atomic partially aimed at juicing Google+. Google responded with clarification: Google acclaimed that it already has all that data, but it’s now amalgam that advice beyond products. It’s a change in how Google will use the abstracts not what it collects. In added words, Google already knows added about you than your wife.

The basal band actuality is that you should alpha perusing Google’s agreement of account and aloofness behavior pronto.

Beyond the desktop

Beyond the desktop: Ubuntu Linux's new Head-Up Display

Mark Shuttleworth, architect of Canonical Ubuntu Linux’s ancestor company, has arise that Ubuntu will be adopting a abolitionist new change to the interface that will do abroad with the “menu” in the Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointer (WIMP) interface, which has authentic the desktop for the aftermost thirty years.

Shuttleworth states, “The card has been a axial allotment of the GUI back Xerox PARC invented ‘em in the 70?s. It’s the M in WIMP and has been there, about unchanged, for 30 years. We can do abundant better!” This new interface, which will aboriginal arise as a beta in April’s Ubuntu 12.04 release, is alleged Head-Up Display.

He explains:

Menus serve two purposes. They act as a accepted way to adjure commands which are too infrequently acclimated to accreditation a committed allotment of UI real-estate, like a toolbar button, and they serve as a map of the app’s functionality, about like a table of capacity that one can browse to get a feel for ‘what the app does’. Its command abracadabra that we anticipate can be bigger upon, and that’s area we are absorption our architecture exploration.

As a agency of invoking commands, airheaded accept some advantages. They are consistently in the aforementioned abode (top of the window or screen). They are organized in a way that’s absolutely accessible to call over the phone, or in a argument book (”click the Edit->Preferences menu”), they are appealing fast to apprehend back they are about abiding in bound vertical columns. They additionally accept some disadvantages: back they get nested, abyssal the timberline can become fragile. They crave you to apprehend a lot back you apparently already apperceive what you want. They are added difficult to use from the keyboard than they should be, back they about crave you to bethink article appropriate (hotkeys) or use a actual bound subset of the keyboard (arrow navigation). They force developers to accomplish generally approximate choices about the card timberline (”should Preferences be in Edit or in Tools or in Options?”), and again they force users to accomplish appropriately approximate accomplishment to acquire and cross that tree.

No one would altercate with that. So, what does Shuttleworth adduce instead?

HUD will use a “vocabulary UI”, or VUI. In this you’ll alpha to blazon or say a command and in 12.04 LTS, the HUD starts a acute look-ahead look through the app and arrangement (indicator) menus. This uses down-covered matching, accumulated with a acquirements action so HUD will accent the accomplishments you use do. This works with both the focused app, because that’s area you apparently demand to act, and the all-around arrangement functionality. So, for example, if, you’re consistently extenuative your files, you could blazon Alt-F and instead of the book menu, you’d anon get the file/save choice. Eventually you’ll consistently be able to artlessly say “Save” and your chat processor, spreadsheet, or what accept you will save your accepted file.

You’ll consistently be able to use HUD to get to added alive programs, such as your burning bulletin or Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) applicant through HUD, “without alteration focus, because those apps all allocution to the indicator system.’ Shuttleworth claims that afterwards “you’ve been appliance it for a little while it seems like it’s account your mind, in a acceptable way.”

Shuttleworth believes that articulation will be an important allotment of HUD “Searching is fast and familiar, abnormally already we accommodate articulation recognition, action and touch. We demand to accomplish it accessible to allocution to any application, and for any appliance to acknowledge to your voice. The abounding affiliation of articulation into applications will booty some time. We can alpha by mapping articulation assimilate the absolute card structures of your apps. And it will alone get bigger from there.”

Still, Shuttleworth says “even after articulation input, the HUD is faster than mousing through a menu, and easier to use than hotkeys back you aloof accept to apperceive what you want, not bethink a specific key combination. We can look through aggregate we apperceive about the menu, including anecdotic advice text, so appealing anon you will be able to acquisition a card access appliance alone vaguely accompanying argument (imagine award an access alleged Preferences back you look for “settings”).”

It’s not aloof acceleration though. Another goal, as it has been “in abundant of the Unity architecture has been to acknowledgment awning absolute acreage to the agreeable with which the user is working; the HUD meets that ambition by actualization alone back invoked. Instead of abashing up the interface ALL the time, let’s bright out the chrome, and appearance users aloof what they want, back they demand it.”

The account for this, Shuttleworth continued, accept been “inspired by abounding works of science, art and entertainment; from Minority Report to Modern Warfare and Jeff Raskin’s Humane Interface. We achievement others will accompany us and advance the about-face from pointy-clicky interfaces to accustomed and able ones.”

Although Shuttleworth doesn’t say so, allotment of the acumen why Ubuntu is authoritative these changes is to accomplish Ubuntu a added adorable advantage to acute TVs and smartphones and tablets. On these systems, the WIMP interface doesn’t assignment that well. If HUD is successful, users will ultimately be able to use the aforementioned interface on any accessory from PC to smartphone with articulation commands.

If that sounds added alarming than neat, anguish not. Shuttleworth isn’t activity to leave you in the lurch. “We’ll disclose the (boring) old means of announcement the card in 12.04, in the app and in the panel. In the accomplished few releases of Ubuntu, we’ve actively beneath the beheld attendance of airheaded in apprehension of this landing. That accepted controversial. In our defense, in user testing, every user finds the card in the panel, every time, and it’s acutely a cleaner presentation of the interface. But ambuscade the card afore we had the backup was ever aggressive. If the HUD acreage in 12.04 LTS, we achievement you’ll acquisition yourself appliance the card beneath and less, and be animated to accept it hidden back you are not appliance it. You’ll absolutely accept that option, alongside added acceptable card styles.”

Ubuntu Linux PCs in 2012

20-million new Ubuntu Linux PCs in 2012?

In beneath than two weeks, the latest adaptation of Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux distribution, Ubuntu 12.04, Precise Pangolin, will be released. This new Ubuntu is attractive good. How good? In a contempo account with Julie Bort, Canonical and Ubuntu architect Mark Shuttleworth said, “We apprehend to address abutting to 20 actor PCs in the abutting year.” He wasn’t talking about 20-million new copies of Ubuntu actuality installed. That’s accessible to believe. True, desktop Linux has alone a atom of the absolute desktop market, but there are absolutely tens of millions of Linux users. Mind you, there are hundreds of millions of Mac OS X users and over a billion Windows users.

A aboriginal attending at Ubuntu 12.04 (Gallery)

Still, 20-million bodies affairs Ubuntu pre-installed on their computers in the abutting twelve months? That’s a lot! Indeed, in Canonical’s own contempo user survey, a bald 0.1% of Ubuntu users bought their Linux PCs with Ubuntu pre-installed from such vendors as Dell, System76, and ZaReason.

In allegory those numbers, Gerry Carr, Canonical’s administrator of communications, said “The low cardinal of [Ubuntu] pre-loads is absolutely a affair . [It's] absorption the continuing abridgement of availability in the market. We additionally apparently under-counted this as we asked about the adaptation users are currently active against how they originally acquired a version. Still the acceptable account from the sales aggregation in Canonical is that 2012 should see a turnaround in this availability affair at atomic in abounding markets so again, a amount that is account tracking over time.” In short, Canonical expects that there will be a lot added vendors affairs a lot added Ubuntu able PCs and laptops this year.

20-million or so added though? I asked Shuttleworth about it and he stands by his prediction. “That’s what we think, based on projections, acquaint you how it went in a year :) Globally, with all the big brands, appealing analogously distributed. We address with Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and absolutely a few abate ones.”

Well, there you go. Alike globally I’ll be afraid if Ubuntu can move that abounding unit. Still, Ubuntu 12.04 is attractive abundant and I absolutely can’t see abounding Windows users switching from XP or Windows 7 to Windows 8 after this year. So, as was the case with Vista, desktop Linux in general, and Ubuntu in specific, may get a abrupt attempt at accepting added desktop users. Yes, conceivably alike 20-million added who are accommodating to buy PCs with Ubuntu accessible to go on them.

OpenStack vs CloudStack

OpenStack vs. CloudStack: The alpha of the open-source billow wars

The open-source billow action got started in ardent aftermost anniversary back Citrix, aforetime an OpenStack billow supporter, appear that it was animating its own CloudStack billow beneath the Apache Foundation. Today, OpenStack assuredly appear that its Foundation was absolutely ablution with industry heavy-weights AT&T, Canonical, HP, IBM, Nebula, Rackspace, Red Hat, and SUSE as Platinum Members, Let the open-source billow wars begin!

So, what’s the action here? Simple, like open-source Eucalyptus, Citrix CloudStack’s appliance programming interface (API) provides affinity with Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Billow (EC2), the world’s best accepted accessible cloud. The OpenStack Foundation associates would like businesses not to use EC2, acknowledge you actual much, but to use accessible clouds congenital by its above vendors—such as Dell, HP and IBM—instead.

For example, afore the OpenStack Foundation announcement, HP had already said that it would alpha alms its HP Converged Cloud. This “hardened” OpenStack account targets enterprises, account providers and small- and medium-sized business (SMBs). You can apprehend to see agnate offerings from the added big hardware/service companies.  The name of their bold will be to try to action accumulated barter vertical software/hardware billow stacks. Citrix, on the added hands, hopes that EC2 barter will use their CloudStack for their clandestine clouds while application the EC2 APIs to accommodate with Amazon’s accessible cloud.

And, who will be the winner? It’s abundant too aboriginal to tell. That said, I do see the billow wars abstraction up to be a action amid the OpenStack ally and Amazon and Citrix. I doubtable we’ll see added ambitious action billow competitors, Eucalyptus and Microsoft with Azure, scrambling to break relevant.

Cloud and Data-Center Linux

Ubuntu wants to be your billow and data-center Linux

Linux admirers are aflame about Ubuntu’s accessible abiding account desktop release, Ubuntu 12.04. That’s all able-bodied and good. After all Canonical, Ubuntu’s ancestor aggregation hopes 20-million of you will buy Ubuntu PCs in the advancing twelve months. But, Ubuntu additionally wants to be your Linux of best for your billow and abstracts center.

A aboriginal attending at Ubuntu Linux 12.04’s Unity desktop (Gallery)

On the cloud,. Canonical has reaffirmed its adherence to the OpenStack alliance. But, the aggregation is abacus their own twist: “Any Web Account Over Me” (AWSOME). AWSOME, which is now accessible in beta, is a billow proxy. It provides OpenStack appliance programming interfaces (APIs) that are additionally acclimated in the Amazon’s EC2 and AWS accessible billow services. The abstraction is to accomplish it accessible to arrange amalgam billow workloads beyond both Amazon Web Casework (AWS) and OpenStack clouds.

Since I apprehend a war amid EC2 and its allies and the OpenStack billow supporters, I can see a account that will let you accept both could be actual attractove. AWSOME is advised to construe Basement as a Account (IAAS) requests from the AWS agreement to OpenStack’s built-in protocols.

OpenStack’s supporters, back AWS is so popular, to no surprise, like this idea. “I acclaim all efforts to advance AWS affinity for OpenStack” said Vish Ishaya, Lead Architect of OpenStack Nova, for Rackspace in a statement. “AWSOME adds to the drive of the OpenStack APIs, enabling OpenStack to focus on innovation”.

At this time, AWSOME is an accession advantage for Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS. You can advice with the development at Canonical’s AWSOME devleopment Web site.

Let’s say you’re still not awash on the abstraction of the billow and you adopt to accept your servers at your allure and alarm in your own abstracts center. No problem. Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical’s founder, has a new account for you too: Metal as a Account (MAAS).

MAAS is a deployment and accessories apparatus for companies that no best charge to anguish about ambience up bald dozens or hundreds of servers. No, MAAS is for businesses that has to accord with hyper-dense racks of bags of servers. As Shuttleworth writes, in the “hyperscale era, anniversary alone bulge is cheap, blah and, by actual standards for analytical computing, unreliable. But together, they’re unstoppable. The application now resides in the cluster, not the node. Likewise, the believability of the basement now depends on redundancy, rather than ballsy performances from specific machines. There is, as they say, assurance in numbers.”

We apperceive this works. It’s what Google and Facebook use to accord with their massive account loads. The trick, as Shuttleworth credibility out, is ambience up that abounding servers after active your arrangement administrators into a afraid breakdown or sending your IT account to the moon. That’s area MAAS comes in. With MAAS, Shuttleworth hopes to accompany accessories abstracts centers and clusters both easier and cheaper.

Like AWSOME, MAAS is a beta project. Still, both programs attending able and either may about-face out to be absolutely what your IT administration needs. Here’s acquisitive both assignment out well.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Android and Windows7 Table PC

Global book pc shipments connected rallied which assure anthology computers and netbook admission frequently this bazaar share. Each big cast beam this bazaar opportunities, but wish dig its bend is not easy, contrarily will not delay so continued to accept his shots.

Android is not abundant to accompany the actualization of iOS experience, afterwards all, above it isn't appropriate collapsed operating system. Android 3.0 actualization change the turn, pulled the ambit with iOS directly, fabricated both absolute PK possible. And added fractional cast in business see the ipad in functions, inducts bendable rib WIN7 adjoin them. Ipad in business action acutely deficiencies, don't abutment flash, don't abutment net, can't accompany with angle agenda and abode book, aswell cannot run all-embracing appointment software. Such shortage, WIN7 deliery solved.

Meanwhile barrage android + win7 bifold system, this is a rather giveable design, became ipad antagonism aciculate weapons. Accomplish book pc with the ball and business dual-purpose, will be added amuse added action of be accurate about the arrangement of user groups. The bazaar befalling win added and added brands identity. Added damaging architecture arrangement will accord book pc bout on disposable keyboard mouse, accomplish it added become added PAD + NB cross-border design, as ZuoYouFengYuan SUV accomplishments.

Currently, lenovo's joy PAD overshadowed by. Once appear, at CES and on angry boundless concern. Lenovo is the aggressive music PAD added a can breach base, accomplish accommodate PAD/NB with apparatus bifold cross-boundary demeanor. But joy PAD can be in android and win7, although real-time switching amid added a canal of cost, but aswell a actual adorable design.

Recent MagicPad acknowledgment is an representative.The aberration amid lenovo is wireless JianShu replaces base, stronger convenience. In addition, abbreviation costs so as to accord users real-time about-face if powered up best in operating system. There is MagicPad use ATOM dent is Intel, and lenovo le PAD is adopted the Snapdragon processor. Qualcomm

Android + win7 bifold arrangement or adjoin the ipad into third path, it is actual acceptable for cost-effective alternative countrymen. In fact, there were abounding breastwork articles selling, conquers the business opportunities. Indication of how, we ability as able-bodied see.

Windows7 Operating System

How to Acceleration Up Windows7 Operating System

This new operating arrangement from Microsoft accept fabricated apple crazy with its achievement and utilities. It is actual fast as compared to antecedent versions of the Windows operating systems. If you still feel like cossack time of the OS is not upto akin that was promised by Microsoft. There are assorted means to acceleration up the OS.

This commodity lists 12 altered means to acceleration up your PC with Windows7.
  • There may be applications installed in your computer which were installed beforehand but now you don't use them abundant frequently. These programs ability get amount at the time of cossack reserving RAM and processor cycles. You can accomplish use of ‘Turn Windows appearance on or off' or software like Revo installer to acquisition out which programs on your arrangement are unnecessary.
  • Type ‘msconfig' in seek box and accessible startup tab. You will acquisition account of applications and programs that alpha with your OS boot. You will be able to analyze amid arrangement programs and applications. You can about-face off applications which are not appropriate to alpha at the time of boot.
  • There is not abundant aberration amid minimum requirements of Vista and Windows7 but if you are aggravating to about-face from XP to Windows7 again you accept to add added RAM to acceleration up the system.
  • If you use analytic a lot time again the action explained actuality is not applicative to you. Otherwise, you can attenuate seek indexing in adjustment to access the acceleration of system. If you blazon basis in seek bar, you will get advantage Options Ascendancy Console Window. You can adapt settings there as per requirements.
  • Hard deejay food abstracts in not-contiguous fashion. It is stored as wherever amplitude is accessible on disk. When we alpha specific applications, OS accept to aggregate all the bits broadcast in assorted 
  • anamnesis locations. De-fragmentation carries out assignment of bringing these assorted bits of accurate applications together, so that time appropriate to seek bits and amount them is saved.
  • To change ability settings to aftermath best ability not save your electricity will absolutely acceleration up your system.
  • Disk apple-pie up is one added way to acceleration up Windows7. You can acquisition the advantage for the aforementioned in accessories. This will appearance the account of all the debris in your computer like acting internet files, acting files, etc. Select the files you wish to annul and columnist OK.
  • Regularly run Antivirus appliance installed to ascertain accessible virus and spyware.
  • You can use achievement troubleshooter, amid in ascendancy panel, to acquisition the exact acumen for your arrangement slowdown.
  • If you blazon ‘gadget' in seek bar, you will acquisition the account desktop accessories that are running. You will acquisition that some accessories are active in accomplishments admitting are not arresting on desktop. You can stop active of those accessories from account displayed in foreground of you.
  • If you can abstain application active desktop accomplishments again you can absolutely addition acceleration of the system. You can change it from personalize menu.
  • Windows7 provides a set of air-conditioned beheld effects. However, these are aswell amenable for slowing down system. You can about-face off these beheld furnishings from ascendancy console alone you will feel like you are application aboriginal adaptation of Windows then.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Latest Android Malware

Latest Android Malware Can Remotely Gain Root Access

Seems like things are not activity acceptable for Android in agreement of aegis threats these days. Lookout Mobile Aegis abstruse that a new ache of the ‘Legacy Native’ (LeNa) malware that aboriginal appeared aftermost abatement has addled already afresh and this time its alike added dangerous. The newer adaptation of the malware is able of accidentally accepting basis admission in all Android enabled devices.

The antecedent ache of this malware affected to be an accurate appliance and appropriate user alternation to admission the accessory by installing a built-in bifold book in a buried manner. Already central the malware could accumulate all sorts of advice although the blackmail didn’t actualize abundant of a fuss at the time but it did arise in the old Android bazaar at assorted instances.

The new ache is alike added cunning, it makes use of an accomplishment accepted as Ginger breach to admission basis admission of an Android device. The absorbing allotment is it conceals its burden aloof above the End of Angel brand of any accepted JPEG angel and again starts advice with a alien ascendancy and command server after the user anytime apprehensive it to barrage bales appropriate beneath his nose, apprehension the accessory into a abiding device.

The ache has called the latest instalment of Rovio’s ‘Angry Birds Space‘ as its accepted beard but users charge not anguish too abundant as it has not yet accomplished the Google Play store. Although users cannot booty a complete blow of abatement because the crisis of an approaching blackmail lurks about and should be accurate as to application apps downloaded from another markets.

Top 10 Weirdest Keyboards

Top 10 Weirdest Keyboards ever
Keyboards come in many shapes - from the simplest computer grey $9.99 standard 102-key keyboard to variants that seem to come straight out of a Star Trek episode. Here's our Top 10 list of the weirdest keyboards ever.
10. Roll-up keyboard
Roll-up keyboard
This keyboard has the same measurements as a standard 102-key keyboard, but there's a big difference. You can roll this one up and put it in your pocket. Nice.
9. The wrist keyboard
The wrist keyboard
This one might be useful if you're in the need to type stuff while doing practical work in tough climates - but if you would wear this keyboard at the office, you might be considered a bit geeky.
8. Maltron 3D Ergonomic Keyboard
Maltron 3D Ergonomic Keyboard
Things are starting to get a bit more weird, ey? Getting used to this keyboard isn't something you'll do in 10 minutes or so - it will take a while for sure. But if you have medical problems with your hands, this might be a good choice since it's a very ergonomic keyboard. It looks very weird though!
7. The SafeType keyboard
The SafeType keyboard
Just take a look at this one. Do you understand how to use it? The idea is that your hands and arms shall be in a more relaxed position while working with the SafeType compared to a traditional keyboard.
6. Virtual Laser Keyboard
Virtual Laser Keyboard
Wow, it's heating up, don't you agree? This is more cool than weird though. This laser gadget projects a virtual keyboard on a table or other suitable material, and then interpret your finger movement and pass them on to your PDA or whatever you have it connected to. Cool.
5. The frogpad
The Frogpad Keyboard
The frogpad is a tiny, tiny keyboard - or it would be more suitable to call it a keypad actually. The manufacturer say that you can get up to 40 words per minute if you practice between 6 to 10 hours with it. Any idea why they are calling it a frogpad?
4. The Twiddler 2
The Twiddler 2
What do you say about the Twiddler 2? It looks to be quite painful to use, or what do you think? According to the testimonials at their site, it will take you 'a weekend' to learn typing 30 words per minute, so the frogpad wins that round.
3. The Orbitouch
The Orbitouch
This one could be a leftover from Area 51, or a prop from the set of any science fiction movie. Wonder how it works? Here's what the manufacturer say: "The orbiTouch creates a keystroke when you slide the two domes into one of their eight respective positions. You type the different characters by sliding the domes to create letters and numbers. The orbiTouch also has an integrated mouse, so moving the domes gives you full mouse and keyboard capability!" The target group for this keyboard is of course people who have limited or no motion in their fingers or hands, and that's a very good thing - but anyway, it's a weird keyboard.
2. The Datahand
The Datahand
This product is aimed for people who get pain in their hands from typing with a traditional keyboard - and that's a good thing. It's still looks like a very strange keyboard. Everytime I see this one I think of the movie Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger, don't know why. I love this one - the keyboard, not the movie.
1. The Tidy Tippist
The Tidy Tippist Keyboard
Isn't this one lovely? The keyboard is hidden inside a decorative, washable tablecloth. The electronic is woven into a fabric, which finds itself between layers of water resistant felt as sandwich material. The soft felt surface makes it a pleasure for fingers to tip - a cosy keyboard. Awesome, hehe.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Calculator for Blogger

A widget that display a calculator. All the basic operations are supported: additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions.


Blogger installation
To add the Calculator widget to Blogger, use the following button. If you aren’t already logged in, you will be prompted to log in to Blogger and select one of your blogs.

    Generic website installation (Javascript)
  • Copy the code below and paste it into the code of your blog / website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help?
If you find any bugs with the plugin or if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment to let me know.

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Stylish JQuery Image Slideshow

Simple Stylish JQuery Image Slideshow For Blogger

Today i want to bring you another neat Image slideshow for Blogger users.The slide show is simple to add to your blog, looks great and has some neat options.The width can be changed to the size of the area you want it placed on your blog, captions can also be added to the images.Once on your blog it will auto scroll through your images and also has controls for the user to manual scroll.This will look great on Photography Blogs, Business Blogs or for anyone looking to display some cool pics.

The original version comes from Basic jQuery Slider, i have made some changes to make it work better with blogger.Check out the demo below, i have the demo slider spanning the full width of the blog but as i said it can be changed.

View Demo Button

Add The Easy Image Slider To Your Blog

Remember Always Back Up Your Template Before You Make Changes - How To Back Up A Blogger Template 

Step 1. In Your Blogger Dashboard Click Design > Edit Html 

Design Edit Html Blogger

Step 2. Find the following piece of code in your blogs Html : (Click Ctrl and F for a search bar to help find the code - How To Find Code In Blogger Template Template) 


Step 3. Copy and Paste the following code Directly Above / Before ]]></b:skin>

/* Start Slider Code From */

ul.bjqs{position:relative; list-style:none;padding:0;margin:0;overflow:hidden; display:none;}


ol.bjqs-markers li{float:left;}

p.bjqs-caption{display:block;max-width:96%;margin:0;padding:2%;position:absolute;bottom:0;background:rgba(0,0,0,0.7);color:#fff;-moz-border-radius: 6px;-webkit-border-radius: 6px;-moz-box-shadow: 4px 4px 4px #dddddd;-webkit-box-shadow: 4px 4px 4px #dddddd;}

/* End Slider Code From */

Step 4. Find the following piece of code in your blogs Html : (Click Ctrl and F for a search bar to help find the code - How To Find Code In Blogger Template Template) 


Step 5. Now Copy And Paste This Code Directly Above / Before </head>

<!-- Start Slider Code From -->
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script type='text/javascript'>
&#39;width&#39; : 940,
&#39;height&#39; : 340,
&#39;showMarkers&#39; : true,
&#39;showControls&#39; : true,
&#39;centerMarkers&#39; : false
<!-- End Slider Code From -->

Important - The line of code in yellow is the jQuery script, if you previously added jQuery to your template leave it out.

The two lines in red and the width and height.The width is currently 940px and the height is 340px change them as needed.Remember your images will need to be the same size as the width and height you choose here.

Step 6. Save your template.

That's the Css and Scripts added now you need to add the html.To have the slider span across your full blog as in the demo you need a gadget area called Cross Column and can be seen in the image below.If your blog does not have this section available you can see how to enable it here - Add Full Width Cross Column Gadgets To Blogger.

Adding HTML For The Slides

The HTML for the slides goes in a Html/Javascript gadget in the cross column section as shown above.

Below is the html for the slider in the demo.There is no really easy way to explain it so you will need to take a minute to figure out the code.I have the the image URLs is in green and the caption (Optional) is in yellow.Each slide works in the same way, you can just copy and paste this code and replace the Image URL and captions.To add extra slides you can repeat one of the sections and once again add your URL, Image and Caption.

<div id="my-slideshow">
<ul class="bjqs">
<li><img title="This is a caption." src=""/></li>

<li><img title="This is a another caption." src=""/></li>

<li><img title="This is a another longer caption." src=""/></li>

<li><img title="This is a another much longer caption." src=""/></li>

<li><img title="This is a another longer caption that can be the lenght of the image or even longer onto the next line." src=""/></li>

That's it, a bit of work needed hopefully you could follow it and have a great looking jQuery Image Slideshow.You can find more Featured Sliders In Our jQuery Posts.

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