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TouchDown for iOS: A feature-rich Exchange applicant for iPhone and iPad

TouchDown for iOS: A feature-rich Exchange applicant for iPhone and iPad

Not continued ago there were few options for accessing a Microsoft Exchange server from an iPhone or iPad. While the iOS Mail, Contacts and Agenda apps accept the adeptness to affix to Exchange (via ActiveSync), abounding appearance aren't accessible in the first-party Apple apps. Things were so bad for a while that I had to backpack an Android buzz in accession to my iPhone so that I could run Touchdown for Android to analysis people's availability for affairs and assets affair apartment in Exchange.

If you reside and die by the Exchange server at the office, you should analysis out TouchDown for iOS ($19.99, App Store) from NitroDesk. TouchDown had been a claimed admired Exchange applicant of abundance for a brace of years because it offered appearance not accessible on the iPhone. All that afflicted in backward 2012 if NitroDesk appear Touchdown for iOS.

TouchDown is a full-featured Exchange applicant (offering abutment for Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes) but apparently the a lot of important affection of a detached applicant is that it keeps your accumulated abstracts abstracted from your claimed data. If your iOS accessory is misplaced, you can accept to clean alone the accumulated abstracts and not aggregate on your device. Another additional is that your claimed mail, contacts, and calendars in the Apple apps aren't backed up to the accumulated Exchange server (depending on your configuration).

Using Apple's Mail, Contacts, and Agenda apps you can't abstracted abbey and state.

Here are a few things that TouchDown does that the built-in Apple apps don't:
  • Actualize Task/Calendar accident from an email
  • Server seek (Not on 2003)
  • Customization settings for S/MIME
  • Tasks, Calendar, Notes, Contacts, and Mail in one defended container
  • Custom Rules
  • Speak notifications
  • App akin PIN
  • Defended container, acceptation server behavior affect App only
  • Sync altered time periods
  • Filters
  • Class support, including adeptness to actualize new categories and adapt absolute class colors
  • HTML signature support
  • Optional archetype to phone
  • Week/Agenda appearance in calendar
  • Complex Sort/Filter on tasks
  • Docufence defended athenaeum allows for accessories to be adored and retrieved
  • Adeptness to assurance all certs
  • Themes
  • Adapt outbound email style
  • Extensive inbox options, as able-bodied as abounding agenda customization options
  • Adeptness to disable/enable GAL search
TouchDown aswell has a amount of abundant aegis features:
  • Abstracts at Rest encryption
  • Limited wipe/kill
  • AES-256 encryption
  • S/MIME
  • IRM abutment with Exchange 2010(SP2)
  • PIN Policy at appliance akin (Not accessory level, acceptation alone PIN is in foreground of Touchdown.)
  • Action Agreement Extensions
  • Separation of claimed abstracts and accumulated abstracts (meaning a limited clean will alone clean Touchdown, not your claimed stuff.)
All in all, TouchDown works as a abundant all-in-one defended alembic for your accumulated data. It not alone protects your action data, but keeps it abstracted from your claimed information, authoritative it an accomplished BYOD band-aid for users who wish to admission their action abstracts on their claimed accessory after affecting their clandestine information.

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