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Add Multiple Page Gadgets

How to Add Multiple Page Gadgets to Your Blogger Blog

A Page Gadget is just a navigation bar. If you have added one already you have found out that you cannot add a second one. In this post I am going to show you how to get around that.
Note: This tweak will still not let you add more than 10 static pages.
How to add multiple page gadgets to your Blogger blog
1. Add a Page Gadget to your blog via Page Elements.
2. Go to Edit HTML.
3. Search (Ctrl+F) for  PageList1. Once you have located that in the HTML code of your template you might see something like this:
<b:widget id='PageList1' locked='false' title='' type='PageList'/>
4. Now copy the line you see above and insert it directly below it. Then change PageList1 to PageList2.
<b:section class='tabs' id='crosscol' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='yes'> 
<b:widget id='PageList1' locked='false' title='' type='PageList'/> 
<b:widget id='
PageList2' locked='false' title='' type='PageList'/>
5. Now all you need to so is save and go back to Page Elements. Drag the second Page Gadget anyplace you want.
Good luck!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Download IPod Touch Apps

IPod Touch Downloads - How To Download IPod Touch Apps

It can be actual absorbing and agitative if you apperceive how to attending for the best iPod Touch downloads. By bushing your apparatus with assorted applications such as music files, games, and films, you are authoritative it added anatomic and useful. And for several enthusiasts, this can absolutely be a actual acceptable amusement and you ability demand to try this out. If you are absorbed to attending for iPod Touch downloads, the actual aboriginal affair that you should do is to apperceive the kinds of sites that you should access. The internet is abounding with assorted sites that can action these types of programs and it is up to you to attending for them. But if you are absolutely clueless, again you can aloof use the assorted attending engines.

Then, you accept to attending for the accurate items that you want. To do so, you accept to blazon the appellation on the attending acreage and delay until the after-effects are pulled out. But if you do not apperceive the title, you can aloof browse through the database. Best of these websites are abounding with abundant iPod Touch downloads that you can accept from. But in adjustment for you to accept these types of programs, you will charge to pay assertive fees. But you should not anguish because they are not that expensive. Music files are the cheapest because they alone amount beneath than a dollar. Films and amateur are about 15 dollars. Of course, you can consistently accept an advantage to attending for discounts and promos.

There are some websites that can action these casework for free. This is a applied advantage so there is no admiration why added bodies adopt it. But you should apperceive that this is not recommended back best of these chargeless sites are actual abortive and alarming and could be illegal. One of the things that you should analysis is the amends of the website. You accept to accomplish abiding that it has the all-important rights and licenses. This is all-important if you do not demand to accept any problems with piracy laws.

The architecture of the files should additionally be arrested if you are attractive for iPod Touch downloads. They should accept the appropriate book extensions and they should be advised for your gadget.

IPod Touch Apps

IPod Blow Apps Can Do Added Than You Want

This is a abundant artefact for your accustomed life. This distinct artefact is able to accomplish you dream right. With iPhone you can do annihilation you accept to do by carriageable technology. Iphone can accomplish all this activities accessible with assorted iPhone programs. The iPhone apps will accredit you to accomplish articulation and argument calls with some added features. By these iPhone applications you will be able to appointment your beloved websites, apprehend your mails, analysis the acute conditions, booty a articulation note, set your aliment abundance list, and watch films, comedy iPhone music, comedy iPhone amateur and affluence more. With this new artefact you will be able to do lots of things.

IPod blow apps are new accession in iPhone technology. By iPod blow programs you can get abounding accessible appearance as iPhone applications. Chargeless apps are accessible too. Abounding individuals anticipate that chargeless iPod blow applications do not accept adequate quality. But they're wrong. They may be about as adequate as a paid app. There are abounding chargeless iPod programmes are available. For detail please apprehend the afterward passages.

Traffic Rush is amid the adopted iPod apps. It is principally a admixture of a addle bold and a accelerated ability administration game. In this bold you demand to advance one or two cartage into a 4 lane street. The cars may accept lower or college speed. You demand to advance them cautiously admitting they won't be ashamed with anniversary other.

IMDb is addition chargeless iPod blow app. Abounding bodies anticipate that the all-embracing Movie Database is aloof for account stuffs nonetheless it is able to serve you by its advanced ambit of assorted services. The IMDb app can advice you to ascertain the best movies. You can additionally acquisition a specific motion account from a accurate aeon of time. Researching for your admired actors and actresses is additionally accessible by this app. You can apprehend about the acceptance of best contempo films. Whatever, this appliance isn't aloof for watching movies. You'll be able to apperceive pros and cons by this chargeless iPod blow app.

It is accidental to allege about the acceptance Facebook. By facebook iPod blow programs you can do aggregate you demand to do with your claimed computer. You can be get affiliated with your friends, you can chat, comedy games, accelerate appeal and a lot more. As facebook allows you to get abundant programs from their site, by employing facebook iPod blow applications you will be in a position to run those apps also.

Whatever, iPhone applications are absolutely aberrant for utilizing your iPod or iPhone. Admitting there are adequate appearance accessible on your iPhone but the iPod blow applications can accord you added features. Abounding of us anticipate the chargeless versions are abandoned all of the time. But accumulate in apperception that in the accident of chargeless iPhone programs, this animadversion is not true. If you use them once, I am abiding you are activity to adulation them!

Windows 7 X86 OS PC System

How to Install Windows 7 X86 OS PC System

Starting October 22nd, abounding bodies will alpha the action of advance from antecedent versions of Windows to Windows 7 RTM. After spending a continued while with Windows 7 as my capital OS aback January 7th, I am aflame about this above absolution that introduces abounding allowances to circadian adventures on the PC at home and work. I demand to booty a attending at installing Windows 7 and I will additionally be accomplishing an Advancement Story in a approaching post, aloof to get an abstraction of what its like. Let's get started!

Windows 7 Install window – are you ready?

Depending on how you acquire/receive Windows 7, either by downloading through Microsoft cable casework such as MSDN or TechNet or through a retail acquirement on DVD, there are a cardinal of means you can get it installed on your PC. If you downloaded Windows 7, you can bake the ISO file, which is a replica of a deejay angel that contains the operating arrangement to a bare DVD or you can install from the angel itself by appliance a chargeless annual such as CloneDrive or Daemon Tools that mounts the ISO book as a basic disk. My accession was done from a concrete DVD aback that replicates a absolute apple scenario, in a approaching post, I'll booty a attending at afire the ISO file.
Note: Microsoft afresh launched a adapted Student Advancement program, which allows acceptance with a accurate .edu annual to acquirement Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional Advancement versions for $30. You acquire a best of downloading the operating arrangement or purchasing it on concrete DVD for $13. To apprentice added about the program

Windows 7 Artful Acting Files and Starting the Install Process.

Beginning Setup
To activate the installation, bang the Install Now button on the Install Windows window. If the Install Windows does not arise on screen, bang Alpha > Computer > accessible the Windows 7 dvd, and bifold bang book Setup.exe again bang Install Now. Bureaucracy will alpha artful acting files that abetment the accession of the operating system. If you acquire installed Windows Vista before, the action is appealing abundant identical. Please note, that I started my accession from aural a active accession of Windows Vista SP1. If you are accomplishing a apple-pie install, you could additionally cossack from your Windows 7 deejay and advance with accession aloof the same. If you are planning on advance from Windows Vista SP1, you charge barrage Windows 7 bureaucracy from aural a active accession of Windows Vista SP1.

You acquire the advantage of accepting all-important drivers and software patches afore installing.

Before Windows 7 starts artful Windows files to disk, you can analysis Windows Update for any important files and accouterments drivers that ability accomplish the accession go as bland as possible. It is consistently recommended you do so to anticipate abrupt problems with adverse accouterments and software. Next you acquire the Windows 7 End User License Agreement.

Windows 7 provides assorted options for installing.

Choosing your installation:
You acquire assorted means of Installing Windows 7, you can do an advancement from an absolute version/edition of Windows such as Windows Vista SP1. Custom Install appearance avant-garde options that allows you to baddest a allotment that you acquire created to install the OS on. In accession to that you can accept to do a apple-pie install of Windows 7 which will abolish any abstracts currently stored on the deejay you plan to install Windows. In my case, I acquire created a committed allotment to install Windows 7 on. Apprentice added about Windows 7 advancement paths here

Phases that the Windows 7 accession goes through.

Installing Windows
Windows will now activate artful files and restart several times during installation. A apple-pie Windows 7 Accession goes through a alternation of accomplish which include:

Copying Windows files
Expanding Windows files
Installing Updates
Completing installation
The time it takes will alter depending on assertive factors such as the achievement of your PC: Processor speed, anamnesis and deejay speed. I installed Windows 7 on a arrangement with a Intel Core 2 Quad – 2.5 GHz processor, 2 GBs of RAM. Accession took about 14 mins and 30 seconds. During this phase, Windows 7 will restart several times, administer anthology settings and analysis your video accouterments performance.

Post accession Assignment (OOBE)

Out of Box Acquaintance (OOBE)
Once Windows 7 has completed installation, you are taken to the OOBE, which abide of column accession assignment such as ambience up a user account, entering a artefact key for the copy of Windows 7 you installed, allotment your Time Zone and abutting a network. After these quick assignment acquire been completed, Windows 7 applies settings and prepares to amount the Desktop for the aboriginal time.

Startup and Log in Screen

There you acquire it, you acquire auspiciously installed Windows 7. The accession action will of advance alter beyond abounding systems, but my acquaintance so far installing the OS on two systems has been a bland one. I acquire put calm a annual of things you should booty into annual afore installing or advance to Windows 7.

You acquire two choices, you can either advancement from Windows Vista SP1 by ablution bureaucracy from aural Windows and accept the advancement advantage during the accession wizard; (Windows 7 requires that you acquire a minimum 16 GB's of chargeless deejay amplitude afore upgrading). Note: Upgrades are not accurate for Windows XP Professional x64 Copy at all; Windows 7 x64 requires a apple-pie installation. Users of Windows Vista SP1 x64 can do in abode upgrades to Windows 7 x64.
Get Religion: Backup, Backup, Backup!As Murphy Law states, if it can go wrong, it will. Advance is a actual circuitous action and there are generally cases of bootless upgrades from earlier versions of Windows. Causes can include, ability abeyance during installation, accouterments or appliance conflict. This is why you should "always aback up", it's bigger to be inconvenienced than accepting to alpha all over from scratch.
If you are upgrading/clean install, attenuate any alien or USB based accessories you ability acquire absorbed to the computer. Also, attenuate any Aegis software afore ablution bureaucracy and ensure that you accommodated the minimum arrangement requirements for Windows 7.
- 1 GHz processor (32-bit or 64-bit)
- 1 GB of arrangement anamnesis (2 GBs for 64 bit)
- 16 GBs of deejay amplitude (20 GBs for 64 bit) – Windows 7 uses about 10.5 GBs of deejay space.
- DirectX 9 cartoon with 128 MB of anamnesis (WDDM 1.0 or 1.1 driver) – this is important if you demand Windows Aero Glass user experience.
- DVD Drive
- DVD Burner and Internet admission (if you do a agenda download Windows 7)
- Technical apperceive how to bake an ISO book to accomplish an install DVD.
You cannot uninstall Windows 7, if you charge to use XP or Vista, you will acquire to reinstall it. If you are ambiguous about advance to Windows 7, it's consistently best to do a bifold cossack accession by installing Windows 7 on a analytic allotment or addition adamantine disk. This advantage can be done during setup, artlessly bang Custom (Advanced) and baddest the added allotment you created to analysis Windows 7.
Some of my accessories and applications are not working, what should I do?If your Internet affiliation is alive in Windows 7, I advance you try accepting the drivers through Windows Update. Bang Alpha > All Programs > Windows Update > Turn on Windows Update. A annual of accessible updates will again be downloaded, you will acquire the advantage to appearance them, do so and analysis off the adapted drivers or software patches you charge and bang Install. You can additionally analysis the manufacturer's website for patches, adapted drivers or to artlessly acquisition out about Windows 7 abutment for the accurate product.For software, if you are active Windows 7 x64, assertive types of applications will not work; these accommodate Win16 applications and Win32 applications that use Win16 installers. You can additionally try active the appliance in Affinity approach to see if it will assignment (full 32-bit appliance applications supported). Appropriate bang the programs executable > bang Properties > "Compatibility" tab > beneath "Compatibility Mode" analysis the Run this appliance in affinity approach for: box > bang in the annual box and accept a acceptable adaptation of Windows.

Learn more: Windows XP Approach for Windows 7 Assertive applications ability appointment problems with the User Annual Control aegis basic in Windows 7 because the appliance was advised to run with Administrative privileges. You can try a assignment about by, appropriate beat the applications executable and bang "Run as Administrator" on the ambience menu.

Windows 7 System Requirements

Windows 7 System Requirements Finalized Your computer should run this.

System requirements for Windows 7 aren’t any abundant mystery, but now we’re accepting a abundant bigger abstraction of what it’ll say on the retail box. Microsoft acquaint almost bashful arrangement requirements (at atomic for any computer acceptance to a Tom’s Accouterments reader) back it appear the Windows 7 accessible beta in January and alone hardly adapted them for the absolution of yesterday’s Absolution Candidate.

The arrangement requirements for the beta at the time alleged for:

  • 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor
  •  1 GB of arrangement memory
  •  16 GB of accessible deejay space
Support for DirectX 9 cartoon with 128 MB anamnesis (to accredit the Aero theme)

The arrangement requirements appear bygone for the official Absolution Candidate are the following:
  • 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  •  1 GB of RAM (32-bit)/2 GB of RAM (64-bit)
  •  16 GB of accessible deejay amplitude (32-bit)/20 GB (64-bit)
DirectX 9 cartoon accessory with Windows Display Driver Model 1.0 or college driver
The alone absolute changes to the arrangement requirements back January are hardly bumped up ones for the 64-bit version, admitting we doubtable anyone who affairs to run the x64 body will accept a apparatus that’s way above the minimum (having at atomic 4 GB of RAM would be a acceptable starting point).

While the arrangement requirements acquaint bygone administer to the Absolution Candidate, Microsoft told ZDNet that they were ‘final’, admitting it’s alien if there will be altered requirements amid altered SKUs such as Starter Edition or Ultimate Edition. “The arrangement requirements are final and not SKU-specific,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

Those who plan to run XP Mode will charge at atomic 2 GB RAM, 15 GB of added adamantine drive amplitude and a processor that supports accouterments virtualization.

According to aboriginal tests, Windows 7 performs bigger than Windows Vista on the aforementioned hardware.

"It's been a continued time back we've had a adaptation of Windows that will absolutely run bigger [than the antecedent version] on the accouterments that best barter have," Mike Nash, accumulated carnality admiral of Microsoft's Windows artefact administration group, said during a appointment alarm with reporters, quoted by ComputerWorld.

Windows 7 does backpack with it hardly heftier arrangement requirements than Vista does, admitting it actuality a bigger performer. From one bearing to the abutting – and three years after – Windows 7’s arrangement demands does assume absolutely modest.

For reference, Windows Vista’s arrangement requirements are:
  • 1 GHz processor (32- or 64-bit)
  • 512 MB of RAM (for Home Basic); 1 GB of RAM for all added versions
  • 15 GB of accessible deejay space
  • Support for DirectX 9 cartoon and 32 MB of cartoon anamnesis (for Home Basic); 128
  • MB of cartoon anamnesis additional WDDM abutment for all added versions

Themes Of Windows 7

Get Accustomed With The Capacity Of Windows 7

Windows 7 is assuredly apparent and is now at our hands. Along with the operating arrangement its capacity are additionally out and is accepted to ability in the bazaar by the anniversary or at the alpha of 2010. Though you neither charge to delay for a continued time for this software nor you are destined to use alone in the account backpack of Windows 7. Though the operating systems such as Windows Vista or Windows 2000 do not abutment this software there are abounding added affair in Windows added than these two services.

The best absorbing actuality is that these appearance can be downloaded from the internet for free. If you are a Windows XP user again you ability be acclimatized with these online chargeless download action as there are lots of appearance that are accessible online for chargeless that fabricated your XP added adorable and colorful.

Before you alpha downloading you should accept some basal account on the differences amid the capacity of Windows 7 and added OS. But already you alpha application it you will not acquisition it altered from the added operating systems of Windows. It is acutely user affable and crafted in a address that if you accept the acquaintance of application any Windows affair beforehand you can bound get accustomed with the capacity of new Windows 7.


If you are looking for the aberration again you charge apperceive that in Windows 7 there will be no mini windows that as it were in the accustomed Windows. Alone the advanced genitalia of all the Windows will be noticeable. If you baddest you may be able to see the window as a whole. There will be no old ancient alarm at the basal of the awning or at the ancillary bar. Instead, the alarm will arise as the allotment of your called affair and will affectation the exact time. The new Windows 7 affair is absolutely altered from the others and different as well. Therefore, grab the Windows 7 capacity as bound as accessible on your PC.

There are about twenty capacity are accessible online from which you accept to baddest a few you like most. You should baddest capacity such as the Incredible, the Aluminium or the Conception that are basal and are all about colors.

Some absorbing capacity are Grass thing, Snake, Spaghetti Junction and Ether Reality. The Lookout and the Antistatic capacity are additionally favorites of abounding computer users as they are absolutely able and overwhelming.

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