Thursday, November 3, 2011

Num Pad Mouse

Sometimes the computer-themed devices may be curious. Because this device, which is a hybrid of mouse and keypad. This interesting solution for users num pad makes your life easier.

There is no need to get your hand off the mouse to write some numbers or mathematical expressions simple - all the necessary buttons are already present in the mouse. Help in the calculations, or even play - why not use these buttons to link the actions of a game for them? Not sure how they would be pressed, however, but with proper training that can be pressed with the palm, I think. Training is also necessary to prevent accidentally push the button when you are in a fight.

This gadget can be very useful for people who use a calculator a lot, and skilled players that can use additional buttons as a useful bonus. For the casual PC users, this is just a curious consequence of how a cross between the keyboard and mouse might seem.

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