Thursday, November 3, 2011

USB Mouse

USB Mouse with VoIP technology

We review some recent VoIP enabled devices. Where phones have this technology, mice and other accessories. Here is another accessory that can be used as a phone when talking through Skype.You do not see very often these devices in stores because they are not very popular. However, this could be one of the best. This is the VM-01L from Skype-a. Can be used as a normal mouse and turn it into a flip open phone only.When open lid becomes a regular phone that has all the features of the phone. There are even keys and you can dial in to play their favorite game.

This mouse is different and is much more sophisticated than I've ever seen before. In addition, VoIP technology has built in some features that I like to use.

1. It has a TFT screen has a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels, where you can see all the information you need. It is very convenient because you can see who is calling when watching a video or work in some of the graphics when you do not see the notification on the computer screen.

2. USB cable is 1.5 meters long. I use USB 1.1, however, is still sufficient for the mouse and phone functions.

3. What I like about the mouse's optical sensor resolution. It is 1000 dpi, which is good enough for a mouse and, especially, a mouse like this.

4. What I like about this gadget is that you can connect headphones with 2.5 mm microphone and talk with anyone still have the mouse pointer on the table. This is very convenient because if not this technology you have to buy another mouse or wait at the end of the talk if you want to do something on your computer while talking.

This mouse is not large and its shape is done in the classic style so no surprises here. Its dimensions are 55 mm x 105 mm x 33 mm. It's smaller than my regular mouse at home. And weighs 85 grams so it's amazing lighter after a cell phone.
You can buy this mouse for about $ 40 รข € "$ 50 and I'm glad I bought one.

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