Saturday, November 12, 2011

Webcam and TV tuner

Webcam and TV tuner hybrid from Plustek

Plustek company recently announced the most interesting and useful-gadget hybrid. It TVCam VD100 is a combination TV tuner and a standard VGA webcam. In terms of design, it is a modern aerodynamic quality, soft and high. Every day laptops and PDAs become more and more popular among the growing army of users. Now you can get the double advantage of this gadget, is first integrated tuner DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting Standard) and watch DVB-T from anywhere in the world at any time. It also has coaxial antenna input, but for a while, it only works with analog signal. If you have decided to urgently initiate a conference, there is no need to hurry to get and change different cables can be done by a simple and easy to change TV tuner to the webcam.

Because lots of USB ports - is mostly a privilege of expensive equipment, users of the cheaper devices feel their lack wrong. Needed to connect the mouse, printer and other devices necessary. That's why for users who regularly use the tuner and camera will be very time-saving gadget. On the other hand, that without a doubt going to estimate the real value of it. Has never been easier - just like now, when VD 100 can be connected to the same port. Thought TVCam VD100 is a combination of two different devices, which in general are very different, but connected in a single device to make life easier for the user. Manufacturer rational management to connect the two while making this gadget compact and lightweight (only 86 grams), portable and necessary.

When working in TV tuner mode, VD 1000 can record TV programs for the next use. TV tuner comes with an antenna, which is easy to separate when the user is not using the tuner. VD100 TVCam manufacturer did not only compact, but is also designed special clip, what is making the device easily attachable LCD monitor, making it the perfect partner easily and at any time or travel.

Integrated microphone being given the opportunity to fully utilize the advantages of VoIP calls and order to your PC by voice after it meets the required function in Windows Vista. This gadget was invented and manufactured more, to meet fully the desire for mobility. That will never miss the conference with friends and family, do not miss your favorite TV show. A very unusual, but very mobile to stay connected with the world!

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