Thursday, November 3, 2011

Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse

Microsoft Explorer Mouse Touch

Ah, yes. It's a good old input device. How can we live without it? The brilliant thing has been gathering dust on our desks for decades. But as technologies progress, so that our pets plastic. Today, manufacturers produce many types of mice: games, designers and 3D mice, for example. It is also a mid-range category, for ordinary users. So let's take a look at new products from Microsoft: Microsoft Explorer Mouse Touch. Black looks brilliant style, nothing special, but classy enough. The house is repeated shaking his hand, to make it more comfortable to use. The mouse is cordless and features BlueTrack technology, so the problem of finding a suitable surface for the mouse is gone.

Innovation is very useful for laptop owners as well. The following article is a touch strip displacement, allowing you to scroll both vertically and horizontally. And that's not all, the device has five customizable buttons. Therefore, if you are in need of the entire surface of the touch pad with scroll bar, this is your best option. As Microsoft says, the battery charge is sufficient for 18 months of work. That's pretty good for a wireless device.

The advertised price of the mouse is $ 49.95 and will go on sale in September 2011 and will be available in four colors: Carbon Black, Storm Grey, Sangria Red and rust.

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