Saturday, November 12, 2011

Slim 1322AF Webcam

Genius Slim 1322AF Webcam

Genius Company continues to introduce newer appliances and surprise users with quality improvements without end. Each time is special and always with quality results. Genius Slim 1322AF Webcam is only one of these gadgets, but it is a remarkable innovation. Compared with current design trends is somewhat different, the monitor screen as a webcam, and some users might be termed as too square. Let's say that the shape of the cam is also a matter of personal taste. All monitors are somehow in a square, but nobody has serious objections. Let us now look back gadget features discussed. Genius Slim 1322AF Webcam, despite the square shape that comes with excellent viewing flexibility. The basis of multiple cuts allow hanging perfectly on laptops, LCD and CRT, as well as to keep on your desktop. Allows you to dial any rotation (360 degrees), until it captures the desired angle (74 degrees total), to tilt from side to side and down to the position, but at the same time is a very stable base gadget .

Now lets take a look at the main function for image quality. Due to the optical auto-focus lens that gives privilege to enjoy features crisp, clear images. We can see very clearly in the background, including details such as textures and small details. Even if you're sitting further from the screen, he will always be in focus, and face tracking feature always keeps all sharp objects. It is showing very good results even when objects move quickly from side to side.

Pros: Slim 1322AF provides high video resolution mega-pixel, due to the CMOS technology, which makes it possible to obtain good quality in low light. Resolution still image capture (640 x 480 x 288 • 352 • 176 x 144 • 160 x 120 • 352 x 240 x 960 • 1280 • 1280 x 1024), video capture resolution of 1280 x 1024 at 30 fps, VCM high accuracy (Voice Coil motors). Modern technology offers fast autofocus, focusing strong, silent machine, this kind of USB web cam software do not require driver installation. The headphones are included.

Cons: The value of greater than 640x480 pixels resolution, features such as face tracking and autofocus will not work anymore. When set to a resolution of 1280x1024 (higher) the processing of video data received is fast, high quality resolution as the smaller set. Enough talk more than I expected to get this gadget, lower resolution is to provide clear video with very good too.

Short, is a good web camera with a reasonably good performance. Price ranged from \ $ 39.36 to \ $ 50.00 which is cheaper compared for example with better models of Creative or Logitech.

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