Friday, November 11, 2011

Blue Eyeball Webcam

Professional Webcam Eyeball Blue

Event is described below, we can certainly be termed as a revolution in the webcam microphone world.Recently Blue introduced two new products Mikey (recording gadget for iPod, ideal for voice notes, live music, lectures, recordings interviews) and a 2MP webcam eyeball. In this review we will stop at second gadget. Except the cool design, this sleek, compact gadget has all the qualities needed for instant messaging, video conferencing, social networking, chat with friends, connect with family and more.

First gadget for such activity which combine super HD quality video, (thanks for the high quality of raw Security Focus Lens) and professional-quality audio. Eyeball 2 megapixel camera has a retractable lens requires no software installation - Windows and MacUsing the same integrating stand (complete set also includes special monitor adapter and case) is to make the device easy vertical adjustment on any laptop or desktop monitor. Every second you spend with the apparatus of blue eyeballs is giving HD video with autofocus and professional quality studio sound.

The most important features of this gadget are: Super Blue condenser capsule for high sound quality, 2 MP camera with high quality microphone, autofocus, plug and play (no software required), retractable premium lens in conjunction with Super Embedded high-definition video support and housing. You can convert your camera in the position of another's privacy, which is helping to prevent any accidental release.

If you are video conferencing, social networking or instant messaging, the eyeball is the perfect solution for audio and video. Capture high definition video and audio at the same time!

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