Thursday, November 3, 2011

Inflatable Mouse

The number of portable devices is so great that it sometimes seems that it is nothing to be lower. However, creative designers think that even mobile devices can become much smaller. Do you? Have you ever thought that a mouse can be even more portable?

A new design of the mouse has recently offered. This gadget is called Jelly Click takes mouse portability to the extreme. All electronic circuits on a small board life and flexible. The body is soft plastic. When the concept is inflated like a normal mouse. But you can let the air out and roll up the gadget. Therefore, whenever you need the mouse, just inflate, connect the USB cable and enjoy using it. It is quite understandable that an event of such a structure has some important advantages. First, it would be almost impossible to do any damage to the device because it is very light. Another advantage is the fact that due to the material used this mouse is waterproof. What can be used even in extreme conditions.

In my view, this gadget represents a successful attempt to use the combination of portability, strength and originality. However, taking into account the fact that everyone is accustomed to using normal mouse would probably be, at least at first, strange to use this gadget.

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