Saturday, November 12, 2011

Puppy webcam

Puppy webcam

How hard it is nowadays to impress someone with your gadgets. However, it is still possible. You do not need the most sophisticated, late-breaking technological devices. If you are the type of person with a great unique flavor and then all her friends have their eyes on you. I mean this nice gadget called webcam-dog Poppy.

Not even a hint that this highly intelligent creature and look better on the desktop of the computer in a simple webcam.

First, it is a handsome soft real puppy wearing nice clothes. Second, it has a sharp resolution of 640 * 480 and up to 30 fps of the camera, which lets you take photos directly from your web camera built into the navel of poppy.

Makes manual focusing is not as sophisticated, but sometimes very useful. It connects via USB and brings you 640 * 480 photos. It is so difficult for a webcam, but its principal business is the shape and appearance; puppy is not cute?

You do not have to worry about their safety, poppy red shirt is totally protect you.
The camera system is based on Windows 2000/XP 98/SE/ME. Your desktop look different.

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