Friday, November 4, 2011

Web Analytic Data Keywords

Web analytic data keywords not provided

Well, I've been following this issue very closely and have come to several conclusions. I can understand if Google just wanted to avoid causing a recording of a quest, if you log in as a user of Google and were trying to prevent the recording of his own search for his own website, but not all of them in total. Of course, the search is only registered as a visit if you click your own link.

All right, record the data of registered users will not even make sense to me, because then Google can measure all the impressions of other sources such as software programs running the analysis. Remember that you do not have to be logged in to use the software to recover data from search engines and that would only make sense to me that Google would remain the track impressions for their own purposes, but not the release of data its users. Of course, this would be a very delicate ground on privacy issues since Google does not have the data, but at the same time, you may be trying to avoid false impressions from various sources.

So let's say that Google is still recording the impressions of the registered users of Google, what do you think you can do with that data? It might be a bit of presumption of Google for all connected users are using the Google search engine ... I do not think Google would be snow. I guess you could say that the percentage of "not always" directly correlates with the number of users using the Google search engine while connected. It was mentioned in another blog I read today that could be a strategy to boost PPC in efforts to increase revenue. Sorry, but I do not think Google has a problem of income and other reasons behind this new implementation. Actually reminds me of a security design environment or the same AdWords to use the tool to show your ad, but no recording of printing. This is an article on Google and continued the "not always" the data.

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