Friday, November 4, 2011


Valentine’s Day gift idea: new iControlPad

iControlPad soon be a thing of the past. Yes, the iPhone shell eternal game soon to sing their swan song and then go out of production. But before entering the final model specific, it is worth remembering what is iControlPad. Since 2008 there has been only iPhone platform game. Its simple design and some other technical features iControlPad tied closely with the legacy of 2D games that require emulation.

The final iteration of iControlPad not called the "swan song" for nothing. In the old days that came with the dock connector of Apple and therefore was only compatible with devices from the company. When the new iControlPad out next week, will work via Bluetooth and is compatible with applications in IOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, etc. Compatibility expansion is timely to cover as many of you might be thinking of a SE smartphone game much Xperia Play.

For iControlPad almost certain to fit your device and allows you to play easier. It may sound expensive, but then have to save a few dollars if otherwise it would actually buy the game Xperia that I believe makes it a good idea of ​​Valentine's Day gift, but only if he can get his hands on it before for next Monday. Xperia game would be a game device though.

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