Thursday, November 3, 2011

EMS Muscle Mouse

EMS Muscle Mouse - relaxation with electrical muscle stimulation

Could you imagine using a mouse whimsical mouse is a combination of massage? This is not a joke, because this mouse comes with EMS super feet to massage the muscle electrical stimulation. You surprise me if friend asked about who is given a massage. This multi-function mouse muscle EMS is not capable of functioning as a pointer. The true electrical muscle stimulator is capable of operating as a mouse pad has two belt anywhere in the body under stress. Offered by Thanko, the USB Optical Mouse comes standard with a resolution of 800 dpi.

To make it work, you must connect the keyboard to the EMS. The EMS system will work in partnership with the mouse operation. Its two buttons one of which is at the bottom and is designed for on / off of the EMS, while the second button on the top is to keep control of three modes of simulation.In addition, you will be able to adjust the simulation through plus and minus switches placed on the side of the mouse. You can also find a lot of fun to work with this mouse. If you are prone to forget things, here is a special feature for you to make your mouse muscle EMS one hour off in case you forgot.

This handy device is powered by the USB port of your PC. In addition to the two pads, there is a case pad and the pad cable. EMS is also known as EMG stimulation and can be applied during the training session or as a therapeutic. If you are not indifferent to the shape of your body, you can easily tone with this intelligent massage machine exercises the muscles while relaxing stressed areas of your body. If you are a heavy user of computer, this device seems to be a health solution for you spine pain relief potential.

This mouse muscle EMS is not recommended for use if you are pregnant, diabetic, have heart problems or high blood pressure, have metal plates or pins in your body or cancer pain. Rate this mouse muscle sampling EMS is 6500fps. EMS Muscle Mouse has a blue LED light placed on the wheel and weighs 150 g. This mouse muscle measures 114, 5 x 63, 5 x 35, 5 mm. Often the lack of physical exercise, but this intelligent mouse is able to bridge the gap and make our body totally relaxed.

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