Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hewlett-Packard 2MP webcam

Hewlett-Packard New 2MP webcam

Technology is not standing still. Each day brings something new in the design, speed and quality parameters. Ditto on the resolution of the webcam. All producers of these devices are trying to be on top, and this inevitably brings maximum benefit webcam. In fact, Microsoft was the first launched its NX-6000. This time HP turns to be on stage with 2 megapixel HP Webcam. It is very compact gadget, which can be connected to your laptop or PC via USB 2.0 certified interface. It is the best gadgets first came on the market with unique characteristics.

It looks like HP systematically is improving webcam quality standard for digital camera high. Using wide-angle lens (65 degrees horizontal and 76 diagonal). These allow the capture of 30 frames per second destination with 800 x 600 resolution, very bright, smooth video at VGA resolution, as well ass possibility to do even instantaneous. HP integrated 2 MP webcam has a microphone for recording stereo audio. In this way you have total quality chat live with video and sound. Features microphone reduction technology of the highest possible sound quality.

A feature that makes this HP 2 MP gadget unique, versatile special clip (flexible and removable for easy mounting of all LCD monitors, but also allows use as a desktop webcam still standing). Works well in low light, thanks to white LED technology, which is the lack of light compensation.

Other important features: automatic face tracking, manual focus ring, button capture, compared to the LED lights on / of switch. HP 2 MP Webcam compatible with Skype, Yahoo, AIM, Windows Live Messenger. The standard package includes software on CD-ROM with drivers, video impression smooth arc and HP Photosmart Essential software, setup guide.

So here we are with the summary: perfect, high quality performance, allowing you to participate in web conferencing, take pictures and record video with audio, thanks to the microphone. A simply excellent choice for your needs.

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