Thursday, November 3, 2011

V 470 Mouse

Logitech V 470 Mouse for Notebooks 

Logitech have come up with a new mouse specially designed for laptops. Is supposed to be most useful laptop mouse as it uses Bluetooth technology. Yes, they dropped RF connectivity for Bluetooth, and added some unusual features for a portable mouse. One of the first differences and the best of the new mouse is 470 V which does not use RF connectivity. If your notebook has integrated Bluetooth, and most of them have, you will be able to use this mouse without keys. The user does not have to worry about carrying the bag with him wherever he goes, which can be a pain if you forget to take with you. V 470 has Bluetooth 1.2 and special laser to track the precise movements.

In addition to Logitech V 470 mouse has an unusual feature. Side to side scrolling plus zoom allows the user to zoom in or out the documents in an instant. This function is useful when you are on a trip or just use your laptop on the move.

The mouse works on a single battery and has a power consumption rate very low. Logitech has been assessed to be held about four months on one battery. After that you can replace or buy a rechargeable battery. However, if you're using your laptop more than 8 hours a day battery life is reduced to about 3 months.Logitech V 470 mouse hit the market in September. Expect to come out, as it is a good laptop mouse. The price is $ 49.99 each.

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