Friday, September 30, 2011

Samsung Blu-ray Player Netflix

Samsung upgrades Blu-Ray players to Netflix Support

More old television entertainment possibilities has recently been opened to Samsung Blu-Ray players owners. The novelty refers to the Netflix online service DVD rental. Interent TV broadcasting services are or of extreme demand, especially in the U.S., Netflix has been found and grew to its current size. As LG has offered BD300 Blu-ray player for a while now right for working with Netflix, Samsung had to give her playing in it. So now they did. From now on steam will be accepted Netflix Samsung Blu-Ray.

Netflix and Samsung Partnership, from the user point of view, has been poured into a new firmware update ready for the owners of two Samsung Blu-Ray player models. These are BD-P2500 and BD-2550 models. This case is not very normal to happen when one develops the known world to update their products for compatibility with other. Thus any owner or BD-P2500 BD-2550 is able to download the previous firmware name and enjoy the steamed Internet TV instantly.

Only one thing to mention here. Your Samsung Blu-Ray player will have to be connected to the Internet in one way or another. This happens to be the only difficulty. The easiest solution is to synchronize the device with a PC. Once done, you can review movies in HD quality tail, rewind and fast forward to put in, browse at all, etc, all via remote control.

The cost of the new Samsung BD-P2500 or BD-2550 Blu-Ray firmware updated assumptions is 400 USD. Just enough for this type of product. Besides an Internet gadget Blu-Ray on television, the players are a testament to globalization, including in the field of high technology, which turns out to be good after all.

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