Friday, September 30, 2011

Pioneer 400 GB Blu-Ray disk

How big can a Blu-Ray? Pioneer says 400 GB
Blu-ray does a great job for those who love the high quality of the film worldwide. Thanks to H.264 codec we have more data on the same space for video quality and sound are really at a level better than DVD. That's good, but the limit of Blu-Ray or maybe not? Luckily - no, as Pioneer has recently stated. Pioneer developers experience a way to significantly increase the capacity of Blu-Ray optical drive. All this in a short-term perspective, of course, but still we are always willing to take more milestones in a common technology, especially if there are more possibilities to end users.

For Pioneer High disk capacity of future Blu-Ray is a base, a training camp. The starting point is common pick-up head (PUH) of the discs. Again modern materials make a good half of the work. Pioneer High Fidelity Taiwan officially declared a breakthrough in the study of new materials can lead to multi-layer structure of the optical BD, which in turn means more disk space. Expected 16 layers, each with 20 GB of space in which, therefore, the total capacity of 400 GB on a single optical disc that can be read on a Blu-Ray.

All this is very likely to be available in 2010, but only in read-only discs. This information is in Pioneer International roadmap. It also says that recordable discs can be ready in 2012 and a surprise: 1 TB Blu-Ray optical disc in 2013. We'll see.

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