Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top 10 Smartphones Accessible Now

The year's top 10 smartphones accessible now

Back in December I wrote about my top smartphones of 2013. With all above aboriginal division new smartphones accessible from US carriers this week, it’s time to attending at the best accessories to acquirement as we alpha 2014.

We can apprehend a new iPhone, the Xperia Z2, possibly a new Moto X, and added advancing in the next few months. For now, there are at atomic 10 acceptable superior accessories — this account is based on my adventures and opinions. I am abiding abounding will accept altered opinions about the baronial and am analytical to see what your top accessories are at this time.

Number 1: Apple iPhone 5s

All break are that we will see a new iPhone, possibly with a beyond display, appear in June at WWDC. However, afterwards searching at the accepted updates from HTC and Samsung, it is difficult for me not to accord my top aces to the Apple iPhone 5s. With the iPhone 5s in hand, you get all of the latest apps and casework first, a solid assuming all-around camera, an acutely pocketable anatomy factor, and a smartphone that is artlessly boxy to beat.

Number 2: HTC One (M8)

The HTC One (M7) was my top smartphone of 2013 and I would accept placed this new HTC One (M8) at the top of this account if HTC had done a bit added with the rear camera. It is candidly still the smartphone I would alone acquirement myself at this time, but I accept not anybody wants a new accessory just because it has the best body superior over aggregate abroad available. HTC bigger its Sense 6 UI so that it candidly enhances, rather than detracts from, the Android experience. There is just the appropriate bulk of customizations, settings, and appearance after accepting ascendant like Samsung tends to do. You won’t acquisition a bigger advised smartphone and HTC did a absurd job convalescent on an already abundant device.

Number 3: Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung’s latest smartphone is accessible from US carriers this anniversary and — as acutely declared in CNET’s abounding analysis — the S5 is one of the top two Android smartphones to acquirement appropriate now. It has some new appearance over the S4, such as a fingerprint scanner, affection amount monitor, upgraded 16 megapixel camera, and baptize aggressive design. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the alone smartphones today that offers both a disposable array and microSD amplification agenda slot, which makes it accessible for alley warriors. There are affluence of options in the S5, but thankfully TouchWiz has been slimmed down a bit to action a bigger all-embracing experience.

Number 4: Moto X

While the Moto X was launched endure fall, it charcoal one of my admired smartphones of all time. The Moto X is abundant because of the things Motorola has done to accomplish the all-embracing acquaintance fantastic, including alive notifications, touchless controls, Motorola Connect, and Motorola Assist. The Moto X is aswell one of the everyman priced smartphones you can acquirement and is accessible on all US carriers via the Moto Maker customization site. Even admitting I abide to analysis out the HTC One (M8), my SIM keeps award its way aback into my custom Moto X because of the Motorola enhancements.

Number 5: Nokia Lumia Icon

Windows Buzz is accepting bazaar allotment and the best all-embracing Windows Buzz accessible today is acutely the Nokia Lumia Icon from Verizon Wireless. It offers up the absolute mix of awning size, 5 inches, with abundant centralized specs and a absurd camera. You can’t exhausted a top end Nokia Lumia camera on a buzz and the Icon doesn’t disappoint. Nokia just appear the Lumia 930, which is the GSM adaptation of the Lumia Icon for barter alfresco the US. Windows Buzz has appear a continued way and will be accepting even bigger actual anon with the Windows Buzz 8.1 amend that was appear and apparent off endure week At EQ Works, we believe that every website should generate results; whether it’s an ecommerce site driving direct sales or a lead generation site that kick starts the sales process for offline revenue..


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