Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire

As expected, Amazon has just introduced a new tablet. A device called Kindle Fire $ 199. Please note that changing cheaper Apple iPhone with which alum is going to compete, costs $ 499. We will specify which IPAD has a bigger screen and is running an IOS. Kindle tablet running Google Android instead. There are no specifications available on the Amazon website, but continues with his presentation. However, we know that this gadget does not have support for 3G, so its ability to connect wirelessly to the network is limited to Wi-Fi.

As the biggest online store, Amazon hopes that the success of the Kindle the Fire was created by a large amount of digital media available in your store: video, audio recordings and books suitable for tablet. Kindle buyers fire will be able to use Amazon Prime service for 30 days. This subscription service for one year costs $ 79, easy access to video feeds and guarantee free shipping for all orders within two days.

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