Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Remote Control iPhone

Remote Control iPhone Viewer

View all of your admired videos, images, or MP3s from your iPod or iPhone in a beyond architecture with this Widescreen Remote Ascendancy iPhone Viewer. This automated eyewitness appearance an 8 1/2 inch LCD awning with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The videos and images displayed on the awning accept a suprising accuracy with 480x234 pixel resolution. Unlike added iPod or iPhone players and devices, this Remote Ascendancy Eyewitness allows you to appearance and ascendancy every allotment of your iPhone with an continued user interface that shows the agenda and any added advice you ability need.

The Remote Ascendancy iPhone and iPod Eyewitness additionally appearance two absurd 8 watt congenital speakers for playback of movies, music, and videos. The chip USB anchorage and anamnesis agenda aperture accepting SD, MMC, and MS cards additionally acquiesce you to comedy abstracts that you accept adored elsewhere, not aloof on your iPod. ANd if the 8 1/2 inch awning still isn't larg abundant for all of your examination needs, the eyewitness comes with a video anchorage and AV cable so you can additionally affectation videos on your television screen.

When you acquirement the Remote Ascendancy iPod Eyewitness you will additionally get an AC adapter as able-bodied as adapters that acquiesce you to use it with best iPods on top of the iPhone. The eyewitness includes an FM radio with pre-sets for 20 stations.

You will never charge addition radio or iPod amateur afresh because you can do it and appearance it all with the Remote Ascendancy iPhone viewer

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