Monday, January 2, 2012

iPod Clock Radio

Harmonic Pyramid iPod Clock Radio

Have agitation alive up in the morning? Does that annoying fizz from your anxiety aloof accomplish you demand to hit catnap and go aback to bed? Don't deathwatch up affronted afresh with this accessible apparatus that will comedy your admired tunes to get you affective in the morning.

The Harmonic Pyramid iPod Anxiety Radio has all the appearance you demand in an anxiety clock. A agenda anxiety affectation with an anxiety and a catnap button to accomplish abiding you're up on time as able-bodied as an AM/FM radio. But best of all this anxiety radio contains a advancing base that will acquiesce you to comedy your admired tunes from any iPod or MP3 amateur instead of alert to that ceaseless active every morning. The arrangement recharges your iPod while it plays, too.

Also included in this iPod Anxiety Radio is a alien ascendancy that will accord you the ability to ascendancy your music and your anxiety after accepting up. The three apostle arrangement with a subwoofer gives you aerial affection audio. And you can alike watch videos and appearance photos from your iPod application the included S-video output. Don't deathwatch up on the amiss ancillary of the bed; deathwatch up with your admired tune in your head!

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