Monday, January 2, 2012

Portable iPod Remote

Portable iPod Sport Remote

Using your iPod may be the way that you absorb your chargeless time but there may be times back it is actual difficult for you to action the iPod while you are additionally accustomed out a assignment or while you are aggravating to comedy your admired game. After all, you are not activity to be able to backpack it about with you at all times. If you accept faced this bind in the accomplished again you are activity to demand to accomplish abiding that you are purchasing the iPod Sport Remote.

You will be able to allegation and accompany with it at the aforementioned time. There will be no acumen for you to anguish about your area with it either as it will assignment through walls and alike ceilings. Another abundant affection is that this artefact will assignment with any iPod so that makes it the best allowance for that difficult being to buy for.

Wirelessly ascendancy you iPod
Whether you demand to roam about the home, booty your sports to the abutting akin or cautiously ascendancy you iPod while driving, our RF remotes accept you covered. Made for any iPod with a berth connector, these easy-to-use remotes accord you up to 100' of wireless control, and alike assignment through walls, floors and ceilings.

Both remotes affection a pass-through for charging and syncing. Functions accommodate clue forward/backward, play/pause, and volume, as able-bodied as shuffle/playlist on the council caster remote.

RF Action Alien for iPod

Wrist action alien provides accessible iPod admission during workouts.

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