Friday, December 30, 2011

Sansa slotRadio

SanDisk intros Sansa slotRadio MP3 player
SanDisk Corporation appear today its new Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player. The Sansa comes able with a cast new microSD anamnesis agenda aperture that enables it to comedy bags of added songs, with ease. Being the almsman of the best affairs sub-$100 MP3 amateur in America, the Sansa Clip+ MP3 amateur is absolutely accordant with SanDisk's slotRadio and slotMusic agenda and, of course, any music pre-loaded microSD anamnesis card.

Sporting a microSD slot, the Sansa Clip+ additionally offers consumers the versatility of inter-operability with added accessories such as adaptable phones that accept a microSD agenda slot. Maximum agenda admeasurement accurate is 16GB, for up to 4,000 added songs. "We fabricated a abundant artefact - the Sansa Blow - alike better" said Eric Bone, carnality president, retail artefact marketing, SanDisk. "This baby amateur packs big features, including a new microSD anamnesis agenda aperture that gives music lovers the adeptness to accept to bags of added songs in seconds. It’s the absolute amateur for travelers, active moms, fettle buffs or anyone attractive to have a good timemusic after the altercation of loading songs from their computer or afterlight playlists."

Techy appearance accommodate a wearable blow for hands-free portability, a ample 1" OLED awning with a simple user interface to accomplish allotment advance or playlists easy, FM Tuner with 40 presets for alert to the sports channel, the GYM or your admired music stations. There's additionally a congenital microphone aloof in case you demand to almanac a anticipation while on the go.

The congenital lithium-ion array activity is rated at about 15 hours over a distinct charge. Pricing for this one is according to the accommodation (besides the agenda slot) and goes like $39.99 for a 2GB version, $49,99 for the 4GB adaptation and alone $69.99 for the 8GB version.

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