Monday, December 12, 2011

Dell vs Apple

The TWO archdaemons of hardware met on the Digital Trends battleground, it seems. The Dell Adamo faces off with the Macbook Air today. The review leaves the Capuccino folk a bit uncomfortable under the collar, but the Air manages to edge out the Adamo.

SilverStone’s rather unique Raven RV-01 case is reviewed at XS Reviews. The case intros a 90-degree rotated motherboard tray that makes your cabling come out the top, the idea being “heat rises”.
Some MSI U200 erotica is available on TweakTown. Cameron had some time alone with the device and he put his trigger finger to use.

Thrusted Reviews tests the BenQ GP1 LED portable projector. It’s late to market but you’ve got some extra features like USB video playback and photo viewing. All in all, a good thing.
Silent PC Review tested the Zotac Geforce 9300-ITX WiFi… and liked it. It gets some reasonable scores and overtakes AMD’s own discrete HD3450 IGP. Just replace the fan on this one and it’ll make a great HTPC board.

Tom’s Hardware Emporium is trying out some hardware on Burnout Paradise. Not only does the game play well on budget tech, but maxxing out the settings produces some serious artwork…

Hardware Logic is re-reviewing the AMA Aragon 900 liquid cooling system. After a buggy first attempt, the company has promised to iron out the problems and re-test the cooling system without PWM. Hey… it works.

Hardware Secrets got ‘round to testing the Zalman GS1000 SE full-tower case, the all-steel counterpart to the aluminium GS1000. That’s some heavy stuff…

Extremetech, on the other hand, is testing four RAID NAS drives for home networking. Intel, Seagate, Promise and Western Digital duke it out for a place in your home.

Chile Hardware tests the Patriot Viper PC3-12800 6GB tri-channel kit. Luis Felipe thinks that memory timings play a smaller role in Core i7 performance… interesting.

Little wonders those USB pen drives, aren’t they? Ars Technica rounds up a few of the big names in the biz and sees what they’re worth.

Anandtech has pubbed its system biters guide for the $825 category. You can make yourself a nice “budget” desktop, but an HTPC too, it seems.

Madshrimps tests the Antec Three Hundred, the little brother to the Nine Hundred. Smallish in size, it retains some of its sibling’s best features and slaps a low price tag on top.

IT Reviewed has a Lian Li PC-V351 HTPC case, it’s a bit of a hybrid that allows a micro-ATX mobo to be powered by a full-size PSU. Get an Asus Gene in that and you’re set…

If you’re a LAN Party fan, you might appreciate this case too. The Thermaltake Lanbox Chassis weighs in at a hefty 19.5lbs but is easy enough to set up a system in.

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