Friday, December 30, 2011

iPhone and iPod Touch

Gravity Shmavity from Panda Mittens of iPhone and iPod Touch

Here is addition bold that for iPhone users who adulation a challenge. The Force Shmavity Lite 1.0 has been appear today by Panda Mittens, accouterment a Lite adaptation that includes 5 of 30 aboriginal challenges. Users that advancement to the abounding adaptation additionally get admission to “Endless” play, as able-bodied as the abounding apartment of items and hazards.

Gameplay primarily consists of alternating the iPhone/iPod Touch screen, altering the administration of gravity. Falling apples and added items can again be directed to hit the open, apparent academician of Isaac Newton. Gameplay is added assorted by hazards and alternative accomplishments by the player, including affecting the assorted power-ups, and afraid the accessory to account items to bead faster.

The bold additionally appearance an up-beat remix of a classic, public-domain recording of a Mozart piano concerto, and combines bright, bright cartoon with a analogously tweaked account of Isaac Newton.

Developed with cross-platform development strategies, absolute video captures of “Gravity Shmavity” absolutely appearance the accepted angle of the screen, and added allegorize the gameplay style. Additional advice can by begin on the “Gravity Shmavity” artefact page, or by contacting Panda Mittens Software.

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