Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cloud Company Ending 'Lifetime' Hosting Promise

Cloud accretion aggregation Joyent abreast barter this anniversary that a "lifetime" Web hosting action that it promised added than six years ago would be advancing to the end of its activity this fall.

In 2005 a aggregation called TextDrive -- which had affiliations with Joyent at the time -- offered alpha barter lifetime admission to Web hosting casework for an antecedent advance of $499. TextDrive eventually bankrupt into Joynet and bygone Joyent abreast baddest users that the lifetime Web hosting action would be advancing to an end.

"For abounding business reasons, including basement performance, account affection and manageability, these aboriginal articles are advancing their End of Life. We plan to dusk these casework on October 31, 2012," Joyent admiral abreast baddest customers, according to an email user Ken McKinney acquaint on his Google+ profile. Similar belletrist were acquaint by added Joyent customers, all acquainted that users accepting the email were "one of the few chump still on our aboriginal product."

As consolation, Joyent is alms barter the chargeless use of one of the company's SmartMachines for one year. That wasn't abundant for user Nick Carroll, who acquaint on his blog that "Joyent bamboozled me with a lifetime hosting deal." "Lifetime agency a lifetime," said affiliate odinsdream.
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Many afflicted users assume decidedly agitated because they beheld their antecedent advance in the Web hosting casework as a array of crowd-sourced adventure advance to advice get TextDrive off the ground. In acknowledgment for demography a adventitious on the aggregation and advance in it, they were promised the lifetime of services.

Image from Joyent website.According to this annal acquaint on the association forum, the antecedent action amount $499 and included 15 top-level domains, 20GB of bandwidth per ages and 2GB of accumulator amplitude from TextDrive, forth with a "complete hosted appliance suite" from Joyent for up to bristles users that is acceptable for "as continued as we exist."

In anecdotic the end-of-life advertisement on the Joyent association forum, Joyent CTO Jason Hoffman apologized, adage that the company's business has afflicted and the accouterments to abutment the Web hosting was "too old," is not account replacing and is costing the blow of the business money. "I'm apologetic that I've absent that assurance and I've agitated you. You accept a appropriate to be upset. This was a boxy accommodation with some dash to it and none of this is absent on me," Hoffman wrote. He adds, "it's acrid that our better advocates are the ones best afflicted by this," but overall, he says, "I can't accomplish the altercation as to why it can continue."

Joyent offers a alternation of high-performance billow computing, analytics, accumulator and networking appearance and is one of a crop of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) companies attractive to accretion bazaar allotment in the industry. Earlier this year, Joyent appear a new annular of $85 actor in adventure basic funding.

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