Monday, July 2, 2012

Acer Allegro WP7 Phone

Acer Allegro with Windows Phone 7.5
The Acer Allegro can now be bought in the UK, in SIM-free and apart form, for aloof £139.99. That’s amazingly bargain for a smartphone active Windows Phone 7.5 (codenamed Mango), abnormally back the Allegro initially went for about €300 (which is £240-ish).

If you’re absorbed in an affordable Windows Phone, you should apperceive that we haven’t apparent one cheaper than this yet. And while the Nokia Lumia 610 may be marketed as such, in actuality it is added expensive. And it has aloof 256 MB of RAM, which agency that some apps and amateur don’t assignment on it (most notable at the moment: Skype and Angry Birds). The Acer Allegro has 512 MB of RAM, which has been the minimum appropriate bulk for Windows Phones anytime back WP7 shipped, so you’re safe in that regard.

The Allegro’s processor is clocked at 1 GHz, which is 200 MHz added than the 800 MHz assemblage in the Lumia 610. So on a authentic specsheet basis, the Allegro should acutely win out. And back it’s additionally cheaper, this is apparently a no-brainer.

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Joan Howard said...

what a mobile. thanx for sharing

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