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Thinkpad Yoga Laptop Tablet

Thinkpad Yoga: Serious work portable computer, genuine work tablet (active)

Thinkpad has come to mean work portable computer, and with the new Thinkpad Yoga it additionally implies work tablet. Lenovo manufactured an exceptional portable computer and put a swivel screen on it that transforms it into a sensible tablet for work. It does that with a flare, as the keys subside into the unit in tablet mode. 

Equipment determinations as assessed:
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 1.6 Ghz (Haswell)
  • Memory: 4 Gb
  • Display: 12.5-inch Ips, 1920x1080, touch screen, pen help
  • Os: Windows 8.1 Pro
  • Storage: 128gb Ssd
  • Camera: 720p webcam
  • Keyboard: Lift "n" Lock in tablet mode, illuminated
  • Ports: 2-Usb 3.0, sound combo, minihdmi, Vga, 4-in-1 Sd/mmc card onlooker, exclusive dock connector
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery: Up to 8 hours
  • Dimensions: 12.46" x 8.70" x 0.74"
  • Weight: 3.52 lbs 
  • Price as arranged: $1,299
  • Adaptable portable computer
Lenovo bounced ready regarding the adaptability of Windows 8 at an opportune time with its interesting Yoga laptops. These have a screen that could be turned the distance once again until the console is confronting out under the even show. This transforms the Yoga smart phone into a tablet, exploiting Windows 8.

The screen might be ceased halfway in the turn, permitting both a stand mode (screen confronting regressively, console down) and a tent mode (unit shaping an upside-down "V" for review). The four modes — smart phone, tent, stand, and tablet — are the wellspring of the Yoga name brand.

The Thinkpad Yoga is an accurate business-class smart phone, and the first Thinkpad from Lenovo convey the Yoga brand. It is overall built and might as well remained up to the rigors of the versatile proficient.

The 12.5-inch screen is splendid (400 nits) and has 10-finger touch control. Notwithstanding standard touch, it additionally upholds pen control by means of the incorporated stylus. The stylus is saved in an advantageous storehouse in the unit when not being utilized, a superb touch.

No audit of a Thinkpad might be finished without tending to the console. As an aficionado of Thinkpad consoles, I can authenticate that the one on the Yoga is magnificent. It has chiclet keys, yet like those of the Thinkpad X240 (Zdnet audit here). The keys on the Yoga have key travel that feels like conventional keys. The console is agreeable, feels just right, and helps quick touch writing helpfully.

As comparative as the Yoga console is to that of the X240, it has one characteristic that is remarkable that becomes an integral factor when pressed into tablet obligation. That will be clarified in the tablet area.

Discussing the Thinkpad X240, the Yoga has a comparative trackpad, as well. It is not excessively extensive however works easily and is a buttonless model. Pressing down on the trackpad gives a different rodent click. It is a great trackpad for a Windows portable computer.

Devotees of the red Thinkpad Trackstick won't be frustrated as the Yoga has one amidst the console. In lieu of the standard three rodent binds, the top edge of the trackpad serves as the catches which are obviously checked.

The Core i5 in the audit unit has extraordinary execution and handles even an overwhelming framework stack effortlessly. Applications stack rapidly and run extremely quick. The illustrations scroll easily and without slack in most Windows Metro applications.

Lenovo cites an electric cell life of up to 8 hours and that appears exact in testing. The Haswell processor is doing its work in growing the electric cell life while not obliging a gigantic overwhelming power block inside the Thinkpad Yoga. The electric cell is fixed and Lenovo did not utilize the two electric storage device Power Bridge innovation as it did on the X240.

Sensible tablet

The Thinkpad Yoga can venture in and execute as a tablet when fancied and its a really respectable one. I'm not a huge devotee of Windows tablets that are dependably connected to the console because of the additional weight. The Yoga is without a doubt substantial at 3.5 pounds when utilized as a tablet yet resting on a meeting table, that weakness is moderated to a degree.

The 12.5-inch screen works well as a tablet and touch operation is quite superbly executed. It works well in both representation and scene introductions.

And also touch operation takes on the Yoga, pen help works all in all as decently. The incorporated stylus could be slipped out of the storehouse on the unit and being used in seconds. Composing on the screen in either Windows Journal or Onenote is as smooth as could be and feels characteristic. Aficionados of inking know how vital that is, and not all tablets have pen help this great.

Like other Yoga tablets, the Thinkpad Yoga has the console uncovered on the bottom of the showcase when in tablet mode. This is not optimal and it could be difficult to get used to feeling the keys when utilizing the tablet. To minimize this, Lenovo has connected some novel designing to the Yoga.

As the screen is pushed go into tablet mode, the keys subside into the apparatus. They are level with the "back" when the showcase is completely pivoted into tablet mode. It's not the ideal result however far best to different tablets that leave the keys completely augmented.


The Thinkpad Yoga is an extraordinary work smart phone that could be pressed into tablet obligation when coveted. Its substantial obligation Thinkpad development will remained up to the rigors of a way warrior. The electric cell life is sensible and the wonderful screen works well in both portable computer and tablet modes.

The smart phone is accessible from Lenovo for $1,299 as assessed, and as is common for Lenovo items is configurable to help the purchaser.

  •  Not exorbitant for a Thinkpad
  •  Great console
  •  Good execution
  •  Battery life is satisfactory
  • Heavy in tablet mode

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