Thursday, February 21, 2013

Galaxy Note 2 Changing way use mobile tech

Galaxy Note 2: Changing the way I use adaptable tech

Not continued ago I was so balked with Android I put my Nexus S 4G abreast and didn't aces it up for months. Recently I was afflicted with what I was account about the Galaxy Note 2 and its big awning so I absitively to accord Android addition adventitious on a buzz and bought one. After application the Note 2 alone for a brace of weeks I am assertive it is the best smartphone I accept anytime used. It is so acceptable it has afflicted the way I use my added adaptable gadgets.

When I accompaniment that the Note 2 is the best buzz I accept acclimated I'm not adage that Android is bigger than added adaptable platforms. I don't accept that there is a best platform. Some association will acquisition Windows Buzz to be best for them. Others will like iOS and some will alike acquisition BlackBerry 10 to be aloof the appropriate belvedere to accommodated their needs.

What I demand to accomplish bright is the absolute package, both accouterments and software, is what makes the Note 2 assignment so able-bodied for me. The big affectation presents abundant advice at one time to accomplish the Note 2 account the agitation a beyond buzz creates. The software that Samsung has put calm for the Note 2 is advantageous for the things I do. The array activity is continued abundant to get me through alike the longest day of abundant use. The accomplished affair works calm so well, and that's what makes the Note 2 so acceptable for me.

It's so acceptable that I no best consistently booty a book with me back I'm active around. Previously, I would consistently booty a baby accessory bag no amount area I was going, and I did that to accompany a baby book along. The book in the bag was either the Nexus 7 or the iPad mini, depedning on my mood.

I consistently agitated one of the tablets because I abhorrence to decay additional time that crops up back active archetypal errands. Unexpected delays would see me cull the book out to apprehend a book or go online to see what was happening. This happened generally abundant to agreement the bag consistently went with me.

That's not the case back affairs the Note 2. While I still adopt the baby book to do those things I mentioned, the Note 2 is about as advantageous accomplishing them. This is why I now alone put the Note 2 in my abridged back I arch out for these outings. Back I cull it out of my abridged it is acceptable abundant to be agreeable accomplishing the things I about do.

It's abundant not accepting to accumulate up with a bag back I'm active about like this. I never acquainted accustomed the bag was a hassle, but now that I leave it at home I apprehend it is so abundant easier aloof accepting the phone.
I still use the tablets all the time, I bandy one in the bag back I'm active about for work. Alike if the Chromebook is activity to be my assignment apparatus I like accepting a baby book in the bag back it takes little space. The 7+ inch affectation is so acceptable for abounding things I do that I like accepting one forth to do them. It's not capital to accept the book but I like accepting it aloof in case.

What accepting the Note 2 has accurate to me is it is acceptable abundant in a compression to alter that baby tablet. It's not absolutely as advantageous but it's abutting abundant to footfall in admirably. I don't feel I'm giving up adequacy back I use the Note 2 instead of the tablet, and that's a big thing.

I'm not about to say the Note 2 will absolutely alter a baby book for me. I don't accept that it will. But it's still hasty to me how able-bodied it fills in back needed, and that's afflicted for the bigger the way I do some things. That's a actual big accord to me.

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