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Motorola Atrix Android

Motorola Atrix Android. The Next Generation Of Smartphone?

Motorola accept labelled this "The World Best Powerful Smartphone", which afterwards my analysis I may accept begin some accuracy in, all be it with advice from a cardinal of accessories. Luckily for all you readers I accept additionally been able to get my calmly on a shed-load of these accessories, yes, yes don't anguish I additionally got the laptop berth from the advert. Currently, there is little in the bazaar that can battling this bifold amount Motorola in agreement of processing power. There is the LG Optimus 2X and the accessible HTC Sensation but neither of these addition bifold amount smartphones accept been the accountable of a huge media attack like the Atrix.

Motorola are not attractive to accretion a arch alpha or set a criterion here, they are attractive to revolutionise how we use smartphones and added devices. The question, can the Atrix, fuelled by it's 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor, be the buzz that achieves that goal? If not we can at atomic see that they accept appear a continued way aback 'Hello Moto'.


The Atrix is bisected atramentous artificial and bisected blemish aggressive Gorilla glass. The bottle covers the 4-inch, 540x960 touchscreen, forth with the accustomed Android buttons and the advanced adverse camera.

The Motorola measures 2.5 inches wide, 4.63 inches long, and 0.43 inches thick, authoritative it about as attenuate as an iPhone 4. It weighs in at 135 grams, which may complete heavy, but aback captivation the buzz you don't absolutely apprehension the weight, in actuality I anticipate it feels bisected the weight.

The ability and lock button, as able-bodied as the 3.5mm headphone jack, is anchored on a abruptness forth the top of the buzz and it doubles as a fingerprint scanner. I'll accept I did feel a bit 007 aback I was annexation my feel the aboriginal few times. Already set up, Motorola accept not lied, it does alone recognise your fingerprint.

It is a nice little affair allotment to appearance your friends. But, be warned, you can be larboard a bit redfaced if the Atrix decides you accept swiped too fast or that your bash was not continued enough, which happened to me on a cardinal of occasions.

The aggregate rocker sits in the top appropriate bend while the Micro USB and HDMI ports are on the basal left. The rear is covered in a simple yet adorable arrangement and has the 5MP camera with LED placed in the top left, with a apostle about in band with it at the basal of the phone.

Overall the Atrix is glassy and abstruse attractive but a bit bland. Added big-ticket and absorbing abstracts could accept been acclimated but that could again accept compromised how abiding the buzz feels. I would acclaim you buy a case as this Motorola is rather bland and at about £500 simfree you don't alike demand to anticipate about bottomward it.


Although the Atrix comes with 2.2 Froyo Motorola accept declared that a 2.3 Gingerbread amend is on the way. In the concurrently should there be any updates for the pre-loaded Google apps they are accessible to amend seperartly. The Android has been customised with Motorola's much-maligned Motoblur. Thankfully Motoblur works able-bodied on the Atrix, the amusing media widgets are nice and colourful and they can be confused and resized beyond the 7 home screens.


It comes preloaded with a alternative of Motorola and Orange apps, some added advantageous than others. Quickoffice is addition notable inclusion.

I begin myself agilely afraid the Atrix at times, aggravating it to cast and circle the awning application the accelerometer in assertive apps. It seems that the blueprint of anniversary app is pre-programmed. It changes of its own accordance aback you accessible the camera and aback it is docked.

The keypad is one of the best I accept acclimated on any Android device. It is responsive, doesn't get sluggish, and the buttons are able-bodied spaced. Furthermore, by blame a microphone button you can speak, rather than type, texts and emails.

After absolute testing I can affirm the Atrix is a affable phone, if you absolute any swearwords it chooses to affectation them as ####.

Moving on, analogously to the INQ I advised a while back, there isn't predictive argument but evocative text. A bar with a account of words appears aloft the keyboard as you blazon and in time the buzz learns what words you use best and prioritises them. Actual accessible indeed.

Dual Core
  • Need For Speed, which is actual bright abundant for a smartphone game, was as able as Harry Hill's head. The 1GB of RAM that the Atrix is able with helps against the bland active and multi-tasking that the buzz is able of.
  • Playback of videos I recorded did not dribble once, the keyboard never lagged and the buzz alone takes a few abnormal to blaze up.
  • This Motorola comes with 16GB of centralized anamnesis but of advance that can be added to with the MicroSD slot.
Camera & Video

I've already mentioned the 5MP pixel camera and the interface is actual user affable and simple. It includes furnishings such as abrogating and sepia, as able-bodied as scenes such as night and sport.

The advanced adverse VGA camera acutely isn't as acceptable in agreement of account affection but it does assignment able-bodied for video calls and, if your still in spy approach from all the feel swiping, demography base snaps of bodies sat abaft you.

The camera additionally doubles as a 720p HD video recorder, which works able-bodied alike in low lighting. It alike copes able-bodied with movement as abashing and baloney are kept to a minimum.

Call Quality
  • The earpiece and microphone on the advanced of the Atrix bear and accept acceptable levels of bright sound. There was the casual burst during calls but annihilation added than that.
  • The mesh-covered apostle on the rear of the Motorola is impressively loud with low levels of distortion. In actuality I alike angry it bottomward whilst arena Need for Speed because it started to complete like I was at a NASCAR event.
  • The Atrix comes with a ample 1930mAh array inside, bigger than the battling LG Optimus 2X's 1500mAh, and it coped able-bodied with about 24 hours of adequately abundant usage, including web browsing, connected twittering, gaming and buzz calls, from one distinct abounding charge.
  • Realistically you could clasp a lot added time out of the accent if you accumulate your acceptance in analysis and acclimatize the accuracy and Wi-Fi settings.
  • Motorola accord official array activity estimates of 540h allocution time and 400h standby. Put simply, the Atrix could cope with two canicule alive acceptance after defective a boost. Absorbing because that in the accomplished Android accessories were belled for poor array life.

Now we appear to the Laptop dock, which abounding accessories fanatics accept gotten themselves all formed up about and attractive at it you can see why.

It weights hardly over 1kg and is complete from a admixture of bendable blow artificial and brushed atramentous metal. It has an 11.5-inch affectation with a resolution of 1366 x 768 and a abounding amplitude keyboard.

The trackpad, which looks ample in admeasurement to the blow of the laptop, additionally includes a continued metal button, disconnected by a band bottomward the middle. Aloof beneath this is the baby array button, which displays the readout aback pushed. The aback appearance two USB ports and the ability jack.

There is no abstinent the adorableness and ability of this accessory, about the distinct blow trackpad, which additionally doesn't acquiesce distinct feel scrolling, charcoal webpage browsing. It formed far bigger with the Bluetooth mouse.

The laptop is alone an accessory until the Atrix is docked, again it springs to life. The lapdock additionally accuse the phone, alike aback not acquainted into a ability supply, all whilst affair Motorola's appraisal of 8-10 hours of usage.

The software that allows the Atrix to finer about-face into a laptop is alleged Webtop. Aback docked Webtop displays a window of the Artix's buzz awning on the desktop and you can use it as normal.

The alone software that comes on the laptop is a alternative of Motorola media centres, Facebook and weirdly Firefox. Because Google is already accumbent with Android, absolutely Google chrome should accept been used.

All in all, the laptop berth is actual agitative and looks amazing but in convenance the software and over all account let it down. Motorola are absolutely on to article and with added assignment this could and best apparently will be a huge success in the future. However, for the £250 it costs you could get a appropriate netbook.

The Multi-media board berth and remote, which costs about £65, fairs a little better, mainly because of the software. The berth is a slab of atramentous plastic, agnate to the charging berth abutting to it in the picture, with an HDMI out and 3 USB ports on the back.

The Entertainment Centre that Motorola accept appear up with is an accessible to cross interface that is acclimated to admission videos, music and images. The alien has to be analytic abutting to agreement that aback you advance a button it will register.

This may be added admired for business men in presentations but for home use it is beneath altercation aloof to bung the HDMI beeline from the buzz into the TV and ascendancy it by hand.


In agreement of added Android devices, admitting active 2.2, it is after agnosticism one of the best smartphones accessible now. On cardboard the specs are absorbing and thankfully they don't abort aback put to the test.

This buzz isn't aloof for businessmen, Motorola and Android's alertness to acquiesce abundant levels of customisation beggarly that you can calmly about-face this buzz into your phone.

Available for chargeless on Orange 24-month affairs priced £35 and over you'll be in it for the continued anteroom but the accessible 2.3 amend should advice course you over.

If you do adjudge the Atrix is for you, which I can see abounding bodies doing, you again face the bind of chief whether to burrow into your wallet already added for the accessories.

I was acutely aflame to get my calmly on the laptop and my expectations were aerial but the change anon wore off and absoluteness set in. Motorola accept to be accustomed some acclaim for their efforts, alike admitting the laptop and multimedia berth attending ablaze and are accomplished in principle, they are flawed. They add to the acquaintance but not abundant to absolve their accepted amount tags.

I anticipate we can all apprehend to see added manufacturers chase clothing soon. Hopefully they will apprentice from Motorola's shortcomings because these account and accessories are absolutely able-bodied account developing further.

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